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Free Jack Dee

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Kate71 Sun 11-Mar-01 11:16:09

OK I'm now going to lower the intellectual tone.

I think Jack has endured enough and should be released from the Big Brother house on compassionate grounds. He has shown that he is willing to give up his time and freedom for a good cause but he looks even more miserable than ever.
Any guesses on who will 'win'?

Tigger Sun 11-Mar-01 13:46:19

Either Claire Sweeney or the one out of Boyzone Keith is it. Both have their feet firmly on the ground, Anthea Turner is like the wicked witch from the west, face all puckered up like she's had a lime shoved up her a**e!!

Seh Sun 11-Mar-01 18:49:16

I think it might be Claire Sweeney too, or Vanessa, who surprisingly hasn't had any nominations yet (I know it's early days). I think Anthea is near to a nervous breakdown, she obviously wants everyone to love and is hating all the bad publicity she's getting lately. I knew when I heard about this Celebrity Big Brother that she would be on it though! Jack Dee is a miserable so and so isn't he? Maybe he's just keeping up the pretence of his stage act. Chris Eubank is a complete joke, surely he can't be like that at home, his wife seems far too normal she would have kicked him out by now if he was that insufferable surely.

Marina Mon 12-Mar-01 09:14:03

Perhaps Anthea is pining for her chocolate bars and that's why her face is all puckered up. I have no time for her really but did think she looks quite old and sad (shame). I hope Jack Dee wins and am going to blow my cred forever by asking who Claire Sweeney is...

Jac Mon 12-Mar-01 09:31:10

Claire Sweeney is in Brookside. I agree with Tigger I think it's between her and Keith whatshisname.

Cam Mon 12-Mar-01 09:51:30

I'm sad that Chris Eubank has gone as he is the most entertaining! I used to live in Brighton and he has given millions to save the West pier there so I have respect for him. Also I believe his behaviour is all part of an act and that he is really shy.I want Vanessa or Anthea to go next as they are so self-centred.Jack might win even though he obviously doesn't want to be there at all.What do you mean I'm taking it all too seriously?!

Tigermoth Mon 12-Mar-01 10:01:50

Apparently that mischief-maker Ian Hislop was asked to be one of the housemates! He said that Jack Dee is extremely embarrassed to be on the programme - most of the others are there to restore their faded careers/ gain a better public profile. Ian appealed to the public to keep Jack Dee there to the bitter end. I hope he wins, too. Agree with all the comments about Anthea. Doesn't she look desperate?

Croppy Mon 12-Mar-01 10:08:08

I don't know anything about Chris Eubank but I thought he seemed a genuinely nicer person than mnay of the others. Anthea's little smug smile when she hugged him goodbye said a lot about her!. I find the Keith bloke immensely irritating and Vanessa too.. Isn't it amazing how dull their conversation is?

Batters Mon 12-Mar-01 12:07:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ems Mon 12-Mar-01 12:30:05

Anthea is an emotional wreck, she looks permanently close to tears, what is she doing in there? Who advises her in her life?! Chris was such a character, very strange to be married to someone like him. I'm looking forward to Vanessas hairwash "I will need all hands on deck girls to dry it"?

At least Jack does offer a few good one-liners.

The first night they raised approx £115,000 from the phone calls, thank goodness its doing something for somebody somewhere.

Tigermoth Mon 12-Mar-01 15:42:09

It gets worse for Anthea. Have just heard that her husband, Grant Bovey, has admitted to phoning the vote line repeatedly to help stop her being evicted and he also repeatedly cast votes to get Chris Eubank booted out.

Then he admits it all to the press!! with husbands like that, who needs enemies?

Bells Mon 12-Mar-01 16:07:06

Tigermoth, I can top that! Grant is quoted in the paper today as saying "It's been terrible - I've been unable to make love to Anthea for two days". Yeeeeuccch!!

Tigger Mon 12-Mar-01 16:09:53

Oh god, how gross, don't hink she'll be there for long anyway, so he'll just have to amuse himself for the moment!!!!!!!!!

Ems Mon 12-Mar-01 17:23:44

I thought going into hiding after her wedding fiasco and then putting out that appalling book, (mainly about 'making love to Grant' apparently) was the best thing she did - she will only suffer more humiliation. Silly girl!

Tom Mon 12-Mar-01 18:12:45

Newsflash - Jack Dee has tried to escape again - hee hee - he will win :)

Croppy Tue 13-Mar-01 08:44:25

Boy oh boy - do I feel sorry for Vanessa's former husband - the woman is unhinged!!

Tigger Tue 13-Mar-01 09:11:48

What are Vanessas hair extensions like, good grief, I think that a family of rats have moved and and created a nest in there!! or another comparrison would be Worzel Gummidge, her hair is dreadful, whoever gave her those highlights should be shot at dawn! My hair can be fairly unruly most days, but hey that is my windswept look!. Is it Hello or OK Vanessa does a column for, as she was doing her article last night on a typewriter she had asked for. I think Claire or Keith will win, anthea still looks like a weasned up old prune.

Marina Tue 13-Mar-01 10:12:35

It's official. Poor old Vanessa and her thatched roof have been thrown out. I am sitting at my desk in floods of tears.
Croppy, I get your point, I think her public persona verges on the grotesque, but I suppose we should show a bit of compassion for daytime TV hosts down on their luck. It must be huge egotism and self-importance that keeps them broadcasting these daft shows, and keeps them thinking that what they do makes a difference to civilisation. I guess it must be very hard then to have your nose rubbed the fact that your audience despise you. I know people like AT and VF set themselves up but think of all the idiot TV company and journalism persons who collude in this sort of rubbish by meeting their every whim, acceding to their salary demands and publishing their drivel. Aahh, poor ickle things.

Croppy Tue 13-Mar-01 10:37:47

Yeah Marina, I did feel a bit sorry for her when she was in tears. I have too say though that I am amazed at her lack of self - control. Personally, I would have died rather than have a tantrum like that broadcast to the millions!.

Lil Tue 13-Mar-01 10:47:25

I couldn't believe how Vanessa responded last night. I mean, these guys spend their lives on TV, you'd think they could keep up an act whatever they were feeling!! We should show a bit of female solidarity for her though, as that whassis name from boyzone will obviously win, the good-looking boy next door types always do appeal to the general populus. Depressing for us ordinary women!

Tom Tue 13-Mar-01 11:54:52

Ooh I don't know - I find the girl next door from Brooky far more appealing ;)

Lil Tue 13-Mar-01 12:17:24

ha, Tom, but you men are always too 'sensible' to vote.

Tom Tue 13-Mar-01 12:23:06

gasp!!! I voted last night (For Vanessa) Go Jack!

Lil Tue 13-Mar-01 12:25:58

Would you own up to watching Eastenders as well??!

Tom Tue 13-Mar-01 12:35:12

never! only under extreme coercion from my wife (or in order to cut a deal so I can watch footy later) - actuall, I'm usually cooking when it's on.

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