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bongobum Sat 08-Jan-05 21:42:07

It's pants - most people will give me one pressie and say it's for Xmas and your Birthday too....
well, most people forget your Birthday as they are too broke or too hung over from the Xmas/New year festivities.
How does one go about having two b'days like the in May would be GRAAAATE!

What's good about being 33?

ZoeB Sat 08-Jan-05 21:43:44

Just say " not good enough you tight fistest arse" !!!!!!

galaxy Sat 08-Jan-05 21:45:20

Know what you mean bongonum. My dh is always so shattered over Christmas as he works in retail. My birthday is 19th Dec and by then he's too knackered to care.

Flossam Sat 08-Jan-05 21:45:27

Same for saggitarians!! I was always neglected! Now DP says he can't afford to get me much for xmas cause he's just had my birthday, always does though!

bongobum Sat 08-Jan-05 21:45:33

haha I wish I had the guts to say that...

bongobum Sat 08-Jan-05 21:47:00

the thing is I really make an effort for friends etc who have early December Birthdays etc....I think it's really rude giving them B'day pressies in Xmas paper...god listen to me...I am boring myself!!!

ZoeB Sat 08-Jan-05 21:56:56

but a least you may still have xmas booze laying around without having to out !!!

juniperdewdrop Sat 08-Jan-05 22:18:25

poor you bongobum. My MIL's bday is 31st december and no one bothered much before I came on the scene. I always make a fuss and she does of everyone else. We took her out this year for lunch too. She was 82 bless her.

Capricorns are great people IMO. I find them to be good company and fun.

Beetroot Sat 08-Jan-05 22:20:49

Message withdrawn

jmg1 Sat 08-Jan-05 22:21:58

Message withdrawn

Aero Sat 08-Jan-05 22:22:00

Mine's in May and I like it. The good thing about being 33 is that you're not nearly 35 - like me!
Ds2 will be 1 next week and I have been slapping my own wrists for having a child in Jan! You are right about being broke etc, but we will be making a special effort to make it fun for him each year.

lou33 Sun 09-Jan-05 08:48:34

my birthday was on the 3rd of this month. I spent the entire day travelling back on 3 planes , from thailand, having it totally ignored. I bought myself a small pressie 2 days ago, and havent had one card. I was 38

Beep Sun 09-Jan-05 09:15:22

i agree my birthday is the 2nd jan no one ever rembers or does much for it .it is also the most popular birthday i know of as i know 6 other people withthe same day

glitterfairy Sun 09-Jan-05 09:17:15

It is my DDs 10th on Monday and I must say she has had one present delivered from her grandad wrapped in Christmas paper!

I am off today to get her some earrings but she often has joint presents at Christmas like this year when she got a mini ipod! It is a shame but hey I had to spend New Year in hospital before she was born LOL!

lou33 Sun 09-Jan-05 09:19:04

I am going to be 26 to anyone who asks from now on as well. Slipping towards 40 is too depressing. Noone would have the balls to challenge my age anyway, for fear of being rude

BigGayDad Sun 09-Jan-05 09:24:33

Happy Birthday Lou for 3 Jan. You don't look 3 days older than me.
In our family so many people have Birthdays between Christmas and early January that we all spoil each other

glitterfairy Sun 09-Jan-05 09:26:00

40 is great Lou honest best years of my life so far.

evian Sun 09-Jan-05 09:26:34

my birthday is the 28th december and my family and dh alsways make a huge effort to spoil me - just as i spoil them

lou33 Sun 09-Jan-05 09:27:47

happy belated birthday to you too.

End of november to beginning of jan is quite full of birthdays here too. Ds1 is 27 nov, dd2 is 29 dec, me 3rd jan. Nephew a few days later, friend 4th jan.....

dh keeps telling me he is going into guildford to get me something special, but it hasnt happened yet.

DelGirl Sun 09-Jan-05 09:30:06

already said it, but will say it again, happy belated birthday Lou. btw, I thought you were only 25 anyway

lou33 Sun 09-Jan-05 09:30:13

glitter, it's weird but i never used ot be bothered about my age until i hit 35, now it's a bit scary. I was talking to a woman in my road the other day,she came round to see us because she was worried about us in thailand, and her birthday is new years day, she is a year younger than me, and without me saying anything, she said that she started to get bothered when she hit 35!

Wish i had money for plastic surgery.

lou33 Sun 09-Jan-05 09:30:34

that was the last year dg

Tommy Sun 09-Jan-05 09:32:06

Ah Bongo - my DS sympathises - it's his birthday today and he's 3

DelGirl Sun 09-Jan-05 09:32:56

well i'd say you'd pass for a girly in their 20's so i'd stick with it. it's funny about ages. I felt odd about being 37, maybe had somehitng to do with 1st one without DH. Fine about being 38. Am fine about being 40, quite looking forward to it but i'm 39 in about 3/4 weeks, and i don't like it. Strange moi?

glitterfairy Sun 09-Jan-05 09:40:03

I was really depressed at 30 perhaps because DH tried to do surprise birthday by hiring mountain bikes for the day and I couldnt walk the next day and felt 80!

40 was great and we had a fantastic party with Salsa and a magician and lights out between the trees in an orchard. Yes August child I am afraid.

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