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Grav1 and any other parents of Match Attack obsessed children...

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Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 09:42:42

Have been through ds1's cards and although he gave most of his swaps away (clearly not understanding the meaning of the word hmm), he's got the following to swap:

Bolton Wanderers
Joey O'Brien
Matthew Taylor (x2)

Newcastle United
Belozoglu Emre

I know it's not many but thought I'd check if anyone can swap for pretty much any Manchester United cards - he's got Giggs and the goalie but I think that's about it. He's United obsessed (and has brought shame on the family - we're all City, which is why he's chosen United hmm).

Or list any other swaps and I'll go through his cards.

Would love him even just to get some post - he's just starting to get a vague interest in reading and a while ago I know lots of people were looking for penpals - I think he's at that stage (he's 6.5).

Anyway, when he gets more cards I'll post them.

Psychomum5 Sun 27-Apr-08 10:22:06

oooh....I may be able to help here as my DS1 is currently collecting as has rather a few swapsiesgrin!!!

My DH is also a City fan......he is heartbroken tho this weekend as DS1 has declared himself to be a chelsea boyshock!!!! (he is following his BF at school....several of them are converting to chelsea it seemshmm).

it has gotten so bad that DS1's City football kit promted tears the other day. DS was doing footy training and had forgotten his kit....I rushed home and got the first thing to hand, his City kit (luckily they aren;t in a 'uniform' kit).......he was horrified when I got back, and promtly burst into angry tears once in the car to come home after as he was "sooooooo laughed at!" (his words....oh for the joy of 7/8yo boys who have their own type of 'fashion' dictateshmm)

I will hunt down DS's swap's tho and get back to you

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 10:27:22

aww - thanks! (is it really sad that I'm quite excited?! grin)

littleboo Sun 27-Apr-08 10:36:53

Dotty - my ds1 is a footie fanatic - collected all the originals and now this set..... driving me mad
will talk to him when he gets home ( at football!) and see what he has got, sure we could post you some!

Psychomum5 Sun 27-Apr-08 11:07:31

ok...we have...

Man U - michael carrick

newcastle - james milner

arsenal - emmanuel eboue x 2
robin van persie x 2
emmanuel adebayor

tottenham - gareth bale
mehdi nafti x 2

Man City - michael ball

and there was also a chelsea, but he us hugging that to his chest, so to speakwinkhmm!!!

Psychomum5 Sun 27-Apr-08 11:10:10

sorry.....mehdi nafti is birmingham city

teach me to not study the emblems properlyblush!!!

WideWebWitch Sun 27-Apr-08 11:12:55

Ds is obsessed too. Will ask him later what he wants/would swap.

Psychomum5 Sun 27-Apr-08 11:13:58

and I think I have looked carefullywink.....

we don;t have your newcastle boy, nor matthew taylor!!!

KerryMum Sun 27-Apr-08 11:15:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 13:59:19

ooh fab - Psychomum5, could we have the United player + James Milner and we can send the newcastle + Matthew Taylor?!

My e-mail address is: lakinson dot house at ntlworld dot com

If you e-mail me your address I'll send you mine grin

I'm taking ds1 to buy a couple more packets this afternoon so will probably have more swaps later hmm

thanks everyone - he's very excited - bless...

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 15:28:43

Hi Dottydot. I have only just seen your message. *The cards ds still needs are as follows*:
Man U: Patrice Evra and Wayne Rooney.
Arsenal : Francesc Fabregas.
Fulham: Aaron Hughes
Blackburn : Jason Roberts and Matt Derbyshire.
Everton : Nuno Valente and Thomas Gravesen
Bolton : Danny Guthrie
Derby : Andy Griffin, Dean Leacock,Michael Johnson and Matt Oakley.
Aston Villa : Luke Moore
Birmingham : Sebastian Larsson
Man City : Kasper Schmeichel, Nedum Onuoha and Valeri Bojinov.
Portsmouth : Lauren, Matthew Taylor and David Nugent.
Reading : Michael Duberry.
Tottenham : Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone and Dimitar Berbatov
West Ham : Matthew Upson
Wigan : Josip Skoko

Ds has about 100 cards that he can swap (far too many to list individually on here but if anyone has any of the cards above please post a message and let me know what your dc would like instead and I will see if we have got them. Only Man U swap he has at present is Rio Ferdinand.

blinkingthreetimes Sun 27-Apr-08 15:33:01

My ds has hundreds of swaps if anyones interested just going to do a list now

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 15:35:20

Ds has just informed me that his cards are all original cards and not match attacks extras.

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 15:38:18

Grav1 - just checked through and I don't think we've got any you need sad. Your ds is doing incredibly well though - can't imagine how many he's got!! grin

So far, our swaps from today's haul are:

Bolton Wanderers
Matthew Taylor
Joey O'Brien
Andrew O'Brien

Danny Murphy

Steven Gerrard

Manchester City
Nery Castillo

Manchester United
Gerard Pique
Mikael Silvestre

West Ham
Julien Faubert

Birmingham City
Daniel de Ridder

If anyone wants any of these and could offer any swaps that would be great! smile

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 15:38:51

Grav1 - I didn't know there was a difference blush Ds1's are Match Attack Extras I think.

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 15:40:14

(what did we spend our time on before we had children hmm..?)

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 15:40:39

Hi Dottydot. I think your ds is collecting match attack extras as I do not recognise the names you have listed as being ordinary match attacks.

Dottydot Sun 27-Apr-08 15:42:37

Oh blush It's all very complicated in the world of football trading cards. I'm not even getting into Euro 2008 cards...

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 15:42:45

Sorry messages crossed. Match attacks came out first and then extras were added. We haven't started these yet(want to complete original set first).

blinkingthreetimes Sun 27-Apr-08 15:54:07

*barclays cup* x 2

Man U ones

*Gerard pique* x1
*Ji-sung Parkx1
Mikael Silvestrex1
Gary neville* x1

Liverpool ones

*Steven Gerrard* x1
*Sami Hyypia* x1
*Martin Skrtel* x1

Chealsea ones

*John Terry* x1
Alex x2
*Nicolas Anelka* X1
*Branislave Ivanovic* X2
*Saloman Kalou" X2
*Juliano Belletti* x2

Man city ones

*Richard DunneX1
Darius Vassell* X1
*Benjani Mwaruwari* x2
*Joe Hart* x2
*Nery Castillo* x1
*Daniel Sturridge* x2

Arsenal ones

*Cesc Fabregas* x1
*Abou Diaby* x2
*Manuel Almunia* x1

Newcastle united

* Mihael Owen man of the matchX1
Michael Owen Club captain* x1
*Belozoglo Emre* X2
*abdoulaye Faye* X1
*Habib Beye* x1

he has got loads more please ask if you want a certain one I really can not be arsed to write anymore lol

The one he desprateley <SP> wants Is Cristiano Ronaldo

blinkingthreetimes Sun 27-Apr-08 15:55:54

Just read it's not match attack extras you are after he has the other ones too please let me know which ones you want

he needs Steven Gerrard man of the match

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 15:58:43

Hi Btt. Are your cards all match attack extras as well or have you got swaps for the original cards as well? Please see my list above.

blinkingthreetimes Sun 27-Apr-08 16:08:42

Grav my DS has

Man U: Patrice Evra

Fulham: Aaron Hughes

Blackburn : Jason Roberts and Matt Derbyshire

Everton : Nuno Valente and Thomas Gravesen

Bolton : Danny Guthrie

Derby : Andy Griffin, Dean Leacock,Michael Johnson

Aston Villa : Luke Moore

Birmingham : Sebastian Larsson

Man City : Nedum Onuoha and Valeri Bojinov
Portsmouth : Lauren, Matthew Taylor and David Nugent

Reading : Michael Duberry.

Tottenham : Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone

West Ham : Matthew Upson

Wigan : Josip Skoko

If you want them my ds says you can just get him a couple of packs of match attacks extras as he has completed the original one

my email is mrsb2009 @

blinkingthreetimes Sun 27-Apr-08 16:10:06

They are the original ones Grav

Grav1 Sun 27-Apr-08 16:16:31

Hi Btt. I will email you and organise something. My ds is delighted and would love all of the above.

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