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dogs and working

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hattynewyear Sat 08-Jan-05 20:08:08

does anyone who works (and whose dp/dh works) have a dog? I'm kind of hankering after one but I think I know in my heart that it's not right. I was brought up with dogs (not in the wild, you understand)and so was dh so we do know what having and caring for a dog means. So please don't jump down my throat for even thinking about it. I work 3 days a week and we have a nanny - so I'm not talking about leaving a dog 8-6 5 days a week. But are there any breeds that might find our arrangements acceptable? The only problem is, like anyone I guess, it's not entirely clear how long I will work p-t for and possibly even how long we'll have a nanny for. Plus finding nannies is difficult enough. I imagine finding dog-loving ones to be even harder. Tell me to stop being silly and forget it

jofeb04 Sat 08-Jan-05 20:17:58

You could look at a bulldog, my dp had one when he was younger, and they dont need much time at all for walks etc

Mosschops30 Sat 08-Jan-05 20:24:40

Message withdrawn

TracyK Sat 08-Jan-05 20:26:22

why not resue an older dog that maybe came from a home with working people - so was used to it - or get a dog walker for lunchtimes. I've always worked and had my beloved pooch for 14 years now. she was destructive to begin with but got used to being on her own - with a lovely long walk morning and evening and a quick stroll at lunchtimes. when I had to work further away and couldn't do lunches - my vet put me in touch with a wonderful lady who walked doggie for £2.50 a day and sometimes the walk lasted 4 hours she was so besotted!
or get 2!

bluemint Sat 08-Jan-05 22:24:53

It can and does work, depending on how you manage it. It depends also on the temperament of the dog and what they are used to. We've got a Labrador (had him from 9 weeks) and he's fine at home. It's been the same arrangements since we got him.

I work full time and DH works away 2 weeks every month and the dog has settled into a good routine. When DH's home they are inseparable. We have a dog walker for the 2 weeks DH is away to get him out and about for a couple of hours during the day - also gives him a chance to socialise with the other dogs she walks. Hes ususally knackered after his afternoon walk and is usually asleep or chomping on a bone when I get home. I then take him for a short walk before dinner.

If you want one, try and sort out a dog walker or at least a nanny that loves dogs first. We've been very lucky and I know I wouldn't have managed the past 2 years without him.

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