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How much did it cost you to move (removals)?

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Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 11:21:13

Just wondering as we are moving in the nest few weeks , and wantingto get a rough idea.

We will be moving about 3 or 4 miles within the same city.

We currently have a 2 bed apartment on the 5th floor - but we have a lift, and everything fits in the lift. We will be moving to a 3-4 bed house. We won't be taking any large kitchen appliances or anything, just furniture for 2 bedrooms, the dining room and the living room. And another toys to fit out a branch of ELC ;) No outdoor stuff either.

Any ideas?

Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 17:15:01


nasa Sat 08-Jan-05 17:25:10

if you mean the cost of the actual removal (van and men) we paid £450 4 weeks ago(we moved from 3 bed house with not that much furniture)

misdee Sat 08-Jan-05 17:28:16

when we got quotes for moving (3bed masionette to 3 bed bungalow, next town) we were quoted £400-550.


suedonim Sat 08-Jan-05 17:35:31

We last moved about 8yrs ago and it cost about 850gbp to move a 4-bed-house-worth of stuff about 100 miles. That included three days packing/unpacking inc loft and double garage. Ime it's well worth the expense of getting the professionals in. Hth.

zebra Sat 08-Jan-05 17:37:33

£30/hr, it was a single, 10 hour day for them, and we tipped £50 because it was a 'bigger' job than they realised.... and the next nearest quote was around £800!

pootlepod Sat 08-Jan-05 18:11:19

We have been quoted around £700-£900 for a 2 day move, 2 bedroomed flat 250 miles. This is for packing/unpacking purselves as we need to save what we can. Definately worth getting around 4 quotes and consider if you need the insurance, our contents policy covers it so it would be money wasted. Does anyone know what we should roughly tip? (Sorry for slight hijack)

Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 18:21:29

Cheers all. First rough quote back for a 2 bed apartment is £35 per hour for van, 2 porters and a driver. That is for self packing, which is what I think we will go for. TBH quotes most people are suggesting are not as bad as we had thought it'd be I am going to get them to come and do a proper survey before selecting anyone.

donnie Sat 08-Jan-05 18:28:04

pickfords were good but very pricey - we moved from a 2 bed flat to a house 3 yrs ago and it was around a thousand quid ( and only a mile away too) but they did a lot of our packing/unpacking as I was preggers and couldn't be hassled .They did a great job BUT took their time.The cost covered insurance for any breakages which was handy ( but there weren't any ).

weightwatchingwaterwitch Sat 08-Jan-05 18:31:02

It was about £1000 IIRC but we moved 200 miles and there was quite a bit of heavy furntiture. Next time I will DEFINITELY pay them to pack too, it's a hell of a hassle.

Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 18:33:17

I think I can cope with the packing - compared to doing it ourselves when 37 weeks pg, it'll be a breeze. Just can't do the moving ourselves this time as my dad's back couldn't cope with another move.

Might look into the full packing service when we move into the new house in December though, especially if we have a baby or I am pg.

Mond you, depends on quotes. I will see what they come back with I guess.

hopefulmover Mon 10-Jan-05 05:39:16

our move is costing about £740 (4 bed house, we pack). Not the cheapest quote as we went for the second cheapest but more professional sounding. Think they grossly overestimated how many boxes we need. If you decide to move yourself or with a man and van most large removal companies will sell you packing material/boxes. Ours charges about £1.40 per new box and £9.40 for a wardrobe box, about £30 for a big roll of bubble wrap.

Do you tip and if so what?

hopefulmover Mon 10-Jan-05 05:40:30

oops forgot - it would be £3.50 per box to pack and you can just get them to pack breakable items. Our stuff is rarely so valuable that a box would be worth £3.50

kid Mon 10-Jan-05 08:02:34

We hired a van for £130 for the weekend and did the move ourselves. Quite easy as we were only moving a few streets away! £35 per hour for someone else to do it sounds good. When packing the items, label the boxes so you know whats in them, and what room they need to go in. Took us months to unpack properly. But now, 6 months on, every box has gone!!!

nailpolish Mon 10-Jan-05 08:05:04

we used a local firm for our moving about 2 yrs ago within the same city (edinburgh) and it was £350 - they gave us the boxes and we packed ourselves, but had to give the boxes back. they were excellent. we used them a year later again

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 08:46:24

I heard bnack from two local firms, so will phone them later and see if I can arrange for them to come to the house and give me a more accurate quote now.

Can't face doing it ourself entirely again. It'll be the third move in 3 years, and we will be moving again in Decmber when the new pace is built.

Gwenick Mon 10-Jan-05 09:12:13

We paid £380 - within the same town - we did all our own packing and supplied the boxes ourselves (well Tesco did actually LOL)

One 'professional' company we asked quoted us £800!!! And then if we wanted their boxed we had to pay extra

Make sure you ask about 'waiting' charges - one company that we got a quote from charged £60phr for every hour they had to wait between get to the new house and being able to start unpacking! Thankfully the one we used did't charge anything unless the waiting time got really ridiculous - ie near the end of the working day,

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 09:16:49

Thanks again. Waiting time shouldn't be an issue - as we will be moving into an empty rental property, so not waiting for anyone else to move out.

I have two firms coming over on Friday to give quotes.

Gwenick Mon 10-Jan-05 09:19:08

Don't hedge you're bets on that one though (the lack of waiting) with our first move (which we did ourselves thankfully) we were moving into an empty rental property and there was a 'mix-up' which meant that we didn't get in for 2hrs after arriving there!!!

Good luck for the move though

FatFluckerFio Mon 10-Jan-05 09:20:46

ours cost 1200 + vat and we had to pack and unpack
plus they were useless!

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 09:22:01

Eeek! Will try and go for the overlap I think then. Get the rental keys a day or two before we actually move from her. We are luckily to have some flexability in when we do actually move out of here and into the next place. Was planning on overlap as I would like to be able to get the new Freezer up and running, and to start moving some of the more fragile bits ourself in advance.

FatFluckerFio Mon 10-Jan-05 09:25:33

Hula are you still buying the detached hpouse?

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 14:18:03


Not sure which house you mean, sorry!

We were buying a 30s semi, but all went pear shaped when the survey was done. So we pulled out.

Now buying a 4 bed town house, brand new. Will be built by December 2005. So, in the mean time, we will be renting in area close to where the new one will be built.

FatFluckerFio Mon 10-Jan-05 14:28:46

sorry hula, must have gpot my wires crossed!

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 14:29:03

No worries. LOL!

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