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Lost 3 tiles off my roof overnight!

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Yorkiegirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:49:07

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Sat 08-Jan-05 10:52:38

It was very bad near us & very scary (made me think more of how really terrified the Tsumani people must have been). Some tiles off around us & a few small conifers blown over. Its still bad though so haven't ventured out far!
Be careful all & don't let any DHs/DPs go climbing up ladders !

doggiewalker Sat 08-Jan-05 12:16:22

We've got a couple of fence panels down and garden furniture flying all over the garden.

spook Sat 08-Jan-05 13:41:11

I'm in Newcastle and one of our trees blew over-a big one-and totally blocked the drive.Trapped!!! A tree surgeon has just taken it and charged me 99 quid for the pleasure!!

Frizbe Sat 08-Jan-05 13:43:45

Was very breezy overnight in derbyshire, but I've not had to retrieve the BBQ from anywhere unusual yet?! Ouch re the tiles, I saw floods in the Lakes earlier on the TV....

BubblesDeVere Sat 08-Jan-05 13:45:47

Nothing too bad here at present, though it is wild and scared dd2 during the night. Up the road a tree fell over and missed landing on a passing cars roof by an inch, dh saw this happen.

Whizzz Sat 08-Jan-05 13:45:54

Spook - £99 isn't bad so my DH tells me !

Clayhead Sat 08-Jan-05 13:51:05

A tree came down on the next door neighbours' drive and damaged their car.

geekgrrl Sat 08-Jan-05 13:58:55

our 12 x 5 ft greenhouse has disappeared without a trace all that's left is the shelving and the foundation, and a dented fence. We live next to a river, looks like it's been swept away.

mishmash Sat 08-Jan-05 14:18:28

Yikes and I thought I was bad - our recycling bin blew over and left rubbish all over the street and in the neighbours gardens - had to go out and retrieve as much as I could.

Whizzz Sat 08-Jan-05 14:22:26

Reminds me, just before Xmas we put out our bin & in the top bin bag (which was tied, but obviously not very well) was some polystene chips (packaging stuff). The bag blew out over night & the white polystyrene blew all over the garden - looked like it had been snowing ! And what a job to pick it all up ! We are still finding bits now

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