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Anyone using Wanadoo broadband?

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Yorkiegirl Fri 07-Jan-05 19:20:46

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 07-Jan-05 20:40:27

Message withdrawn

Potty1 Fri 07-Jan-05 20:48:51

I do.

Only had it about a month. No problems so far and haven't had to use the customer services so can't vouch for them. Modem came within 3 days and it was up and running a couple of days later.


Yorkiegirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:39:35

Message withdrawn

kangamummy Sat 08-Jan-05 10:46:28

I am about to start FREEDOM 2 SURF

which is based in ST ALBANS

£14.99 for 1 GB PER MONTH @ 512 OR 1 MB OR 2 MB


£19.99 for 5 GB PER MONTH @ 512 OR 1 MB 0R 2 MB


£22.50 for unlimited @ 512 OR 1 MB OR 2 MB

You can buy 1 GB extra per month for £2.99 as many times as you like.

Hope that makes sense.

Yorkiegirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:51:59

Message withdrawn

Potty1 Sat 08-Jan-05 11:14:21

Wanadoo aren't actually measuring usage at the moment, well according to the FAQ's. Don't know when they will start. I have a 16 year old ds1 doing a fair bit of downloading But I'm hoping this pacakge will be enough (otherwise he'll just have to stop )

miam Sat 08-Jan-05 11:22:15

Yeah, Potty is right. We have it and it is on all the time, but we still pay £17.99 (don't tell them please!). We have had no problems atall - would recommend it Yorkie.

Sponge Sat 08-Jan-05 11:39:41

I've got it too. Have used customer service and they've been very helpful. No problems with them at all and minimum usage limit should be fine unless you're planning to massive amounts of downloading of things like photo and video.

Yorkiegirl Sat 08-Jan-05 14:05:34

Message withdrawn

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