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Anyone know of any discussion boards where film buffs hang out?

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rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 18:47:22

Want to ask an anorak question about The Elephant Man. Need to find someone who knows the film pretty well. Any ideas where to look?

rouge Sat 08-Jan-05 15:47:38


suzywong Sat 08-Jan-05 15:48:30

hello again rouge

try (internation movie data base)

Moomina Sat 08-Jan-05 15:50:31

the guardian online used to have a good film board. will try and find a link.

Moomina Sat 08-Jan-05 15:52:09

try this

rouge Sat 08-Jan-05 16:18:46

hi again suzy, you're really coming to my aid today

Thanks to you both!!

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