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My christmas gift to you all...

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Mines Mon 16-Dec-02 14:58:32

I thought I'd share with you the three websites that have done the most to keep me sane (ish ) over the past 10 months of new motherhood. You're looking at the first one.

There's also the classic 'Cordelia's first year' .

Warning - neither of these last two contain any useful information whatsoever.

Anyone else got any goodies?

Bobbins Mon 16-Dec-02 15:03:31

What are you saying about Mumsnet???

Mines Mon 16-Dec-02 15:07:07


That went a bit wrong, didn't it?

Let's try again. It's meant to be the classic 'things my girlfriend and I argue about' Which is good for wasting several hours

Mines Mon 16-Dec-02 15:09:16

And also a site I only know as 'Cordelia's first year'

Which is the other one that doesn't contain any useful information, since mumsnet is obviously nothing but useful (blushes furiously, wishes she had some grasp of how to make HTML work)

Bobbins Mon 16-Dec-02 15:28:27

They are both highly entertaining.

Thanks Mines

bayleaf Mon 16-Dec-02 18:57:40

Yes, thanks, I've just forwarded 'Cordelia' to a friend who has just had a baby - if I had several hours to spare it looks very amusing - I've put it in my Favourites for that winter's evening where I have nothing to do and there's nothing interesting on MUmsnet!

Clarinet60 Mon 16-Dec-02 22:37:26

Thanks, wonderful stuff!

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