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bitashamed Fri 07-Jan-05 08:40:27

I've changed my name for this as I'm a bit ashamed to admit it to anyone. I have 2 cats, 1 a rescue and 1 i've had since a kitten. They're both about 4. Since dd was born we've been struggling to cope with them as well as our very old dog. They hate dd and seem to spend all day mewing at the door then as soon as we let them in they run riot or immediately start mewing to get back out again. They've also started doing the toilet indoors again even though we've got a part of the garden set aside for them to do their businesss in. Dh is getting REALLY stressed by it because hr feels they are ruining indoors and outdoors (he just laid expensive gravel- I know, I did warn him). The main problem is the expense. I only work PT and we're now struggling to pay insurance, vaccinations, food, cattery fees when we're away at family etc as well as the extra expenses from dd's nursery etc, not to mention an arthritic dog.

PLease don't hink badly of me but I've got to the stage where I think it would be better if they were rehomed. I love them to bits but I feel that they aren't being looked after properly now because we don't have the same amount of time to care for them and because of dd they seem to be outside a great deal. We have a cat flap on our shed but it's so cold that I worry about them at night- I just can't let them in though because they always poo and it's unhygienic woth dd about.
Does anyone know about asking the RSPCA to rehome them? Is there any chance they would be put to sleep if they weren't rehomed? If that was the case I would never let them go.

Sorry for ranting so much but it has gone on for so long now that I feel it is the best soltuion for all of us, even them. I would love to know they were in a loving home where thay got all the attention they deserve.

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