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Car Insurance Question

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Peckarollover Thu 06-Jan-05 23:05:50

Does anyone know how long you have to report an accident to insurance company for you to be covered?

mishmash Thu 06-Jan-05 23:48:53

Do you have your policy doc there - it should be in your claims conditions - generally it should be reported as soon as possible so that they can't use "Late Notification" as a get out clause.

Is it just Own Damage or is there a TP involved?

Ailsa Fri 07-Jan-05 00:28:35

Best to report it asap. If you want to claim off someone else's, or, they want to claim off yours, they have 3 years to do it in.

Peckarollover Fri 07-Jan-05 11:56:11

3 years? oh thats ok then - this was only a month ago. Just a little bump that we were hoping to sort out without insurance company but now going to use insurance company.

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