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so so desperately sad....

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alexsmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:15:48

i have just watched the bbc programme about the tsunami and have been sitting here in tears.I feel so terribly sad, and i want to go upstairs and just hold my boys so tight.I am so thankful for having my family.
I have donated money but it seems like nothing when all these people have lost their children.
Does anyone else feel like they don't ever want to travel anywhere again? I feel like i just want to keep us all safe at in laws live in a country that the foreign office advises people not to go to.They want us to visit..i was very reluctant before this but now there is no chance.which is completely irrational..but how i feel.
sorry to ramble but i am at home alone and just needed to vent.

pixiefish Thu 06-Jan-05 22:20:46

big hug alexsmum-

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 22:22:29

alexsmum - ((((hugs)))) to you. We all feel overwhelmed by this. Give yourself time, you may feel differently about travelling in the future, or perhaps they could come to you.

secur Thu 06-Jan-05 22:24:32

Message withdrawn

alexsmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:28:33

i know secur it's completely irrational.but it feels like if we don't travel then we are more keeping all the chicks safe in the nest.
Anyway, whether i want to travel or not is a non-issue.i'm lucky to have something so stupid and minor to worry about.
i just feel so sad this evening.and useless.really tearful.

JanH Thu 06-Jan-05 22:32:15

Have a good blub then, alexsmum. It's good to wallow sometimes. Every time I see or read or hear anything about the tsunami it makes me terribly thankful and much of it chokes me completely.

I don't know where your in-laws are but I hope you will feel more relaxed about visiting them after a few months have passed or, better still, that the place where they are becomes safer.

alexsmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:38:09

i can't see it jan.purely on a using commonsense thing,we shouldn't go out there.i think they are bonkers to be out there but that's their choice.

the music to flounce to thread is cheering me up.(god i'm shallow!)

JanH Thu 06-Jan-05 22:41:16

No you aren't!!! We are all up and down like yoyos. If we didn't have eg music to flounce to we'd just be DOWN!

Where are your inlaws then? Can you tell us?

alexsmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:51:11

god i give away so much info on here i'm sure that anyone who knows me who comes on here,can identify me straight away. lets just say its in the middle east..but not iraq.

CountessDracula Thu 06-Jan-05 22:52:55

oh I know I was blubbing standing on the platform of the drain tonight on the way home from work, all the suits looking at me like I was bonkers. The standard had an article with piccies of the missing, and the picture of the 8 month old baby just did for me, was really snivelling badly

JanH Thu 06-Jan-05 22:54:20

Well, yes, middle east sounds generally dodgy. Maybe they will move somewhere safer. Meanwhile enjoy your escapes!

secur Thu 06-Jan-05 22:57:20

Message withdrawn

SeaShells Thu 06-Jan-05 22:59:36

It'd awful isn't it alexsmum, it hurts my heart. I was crying watching it too, I think all of us would admit to hugging our children a little more tightly since this tragic event.

alexsmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:59:36

do you know what really bugs me jan? they are not thinking 'as soon as this contract ends we are out of here' they love it!!!!! they want the contract extended!!! and if anyone says anything like ' this isn't really safe' then they are making a fuss over nothing!
Anyway, my new year resolution is not to worry or get stressed about them, so i'm not going to say anymore.
cd, it's just awful isn't it?? the programme tonight showed a swedish man trying to find his 2 year old son, and they were looking for his birthmark on bodies but they were in tto bad a state. it was just heartbreaking.

lou33 Fri 07-Jan-05 09:00:06

I've been asked to go and give a talk about being caught up in the tsunami, to a group of year 11's next week. My friend who is their teacher thinks they would benefit from it.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 09:03:12

Lou, I haven't managed to catch you yet so I just wanted to say I'm so glad you're back safe and sound - you have been greatly missed xxx

lou33 Fri 07-Jan-05 09:07:52

hello wench

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 09:08:51

Hello chuck

lou33 Fri 07-Jan-05 09:09:53

I'm wondering what I have let myself in for by agreeing to do this talk. Still it's a night away from home i spose.

marthamoo Fri 07-Jan-05 09:21:20

You'll be fine - they'll be an interested and receptive audience so you're halfway there already. Your posts on the SE Asia thread were very descriptive and eloquent - you can always use them as a starting point.

JanH Fri 07-Jan-05 09:43:57

Are you still here, Lou? I am very glad you are all back safe and sound too . I agree with moo, I bet the kids will be transfixed.

Have yours gone back to school this week? Their friends and teachers must have been very happy and relieved to see them!

weightwatchingwaterwitch Fri 07-Jan-05 11:11:25

Hey Lou, could you tell them all about that 10 yo girl who managed to warn her parents and other holidaymakers that a tidal wave was about to come in because she'd been taught about them and listened well in her geog lesson the previous week? Janh posted a link to the story somewhere. My son is VERY impressed by that and said when his school were talking about which school rules were the most important he thought it should have been the listening one because 'that 10 year old girl listened didn't she and saved a lot of people'.

Marina Fri 07-Jan-05 11:13:03

Don't hesitate to turn them down if you feel it is too much, Lou. I am sure they'll appreciate it if you do give the talk, but even so...

lou33 Fri 07-Jan-05 11:19:19

Thanks www, but they want me to talk about it from my pov, what happened to us, and the places we stayed/were supposed to stay at. We have pictures of the devastation too. Also found out on the last day that one of the two people who died at nai yang, was someone i had a few conversations with, a really nice man, who was a tailor's assistant

Matina, I think talking about it helps atm, i'm starting to get freaked out about what could have happened, replaying it etc, so it isn't that. It's the thought of sitting in front of a class of 30 year 11's making me blench!

roller Fri 07-Jan-05 11:20:46

don't want to take this over just add that I too feel so so so sad, actually woke up in the early hours last night thinking about the children on the news last night who have very likely lost their families. I woke up thinking about them and found it so hard to stop crying, just never been so hugely affected by sad news so much before. It's the enormity of it all I think.

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