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Anyone experience of moving an 11 year old to a new secondary school?

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doggiewalker Thu 06-Jan-05 19:52:06

As you may/may not know it is fairly certain that we'll be moving during the summer, which means my ds1 11 yrs old will be starting yr 8 in a new school. DS2 9 yrs old will be starting yr 5 and I'm not too worried about him since he will still be at a primary school, which doesn't seem quite as bad as a secondary school as obviously they are much smaller. DS1 doesn't seem to mind that he'll be in a new school, but I wonder if any of you have had to do this and how did your child overcome any difficulties, what those difficulties were etc, or am I worrying unduly? TIA.

Mosschops30 Thu 06-Jan-05 20:07:14

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Thu 06-Jan-05 20:08:39

Message withdrawn

doggiewalker Thu 06-Jan-05 20:24:11

Hi Mosschops. Yes, Cardiff it is! 90% sure that we'll be moving anyway as dh has accepted a position down there (he's due to be made redundant in Feb/March), however he still has 1 or 2 other interviews to go for first. The job in Cardiff is the best one for him though. I think he's only going for the other interviews to satisfy any curiosity we may have! I've had a bit of info from other Cardiffians about which areas would be best, but I'd also like to talk to you if I could! I tried to CAT you previously but it was disallowed.

doggiewalker Thu 06-Jan-05 20:26:10

You're right by the way about people liking the new kid. Luckily ds1 is very outgoing and friendly, likes football etc and he's still early in his secondary school career. ds2 is a little more reserved and a very bright boy, not so sporty so it might be a little more difficult for him, as I said the fact that he's still at primary school should make it easier.

doggiewalker Thu 06-Jan-05 20:32:12


Mosschops30 Thu 06-Jan-05 20:55:14

Message withdrawn

doggiewalker Thu 06-Jan-05 22:35:42

Bump for Mosschops. You would need to change your profile to allow me to CAT you.

I've been told Whitchurch is a nice area, perhaps Radyr, Cyncoed, Roath Park? We're hoping to pop down there for a few days during the next half term holiday, have a look around and get a feel for the areas. dh will be working at Pentwyn, so we don't want to be too far away from the motorway for commuting, but far away enough not to hear it would be nice. doggiew X.

pixiefish Thu 06-Jan-05 22:52:00

Not too bad a time to move him. In year 7 the kids tend to be in mixed ability groups, year 8 is when the setting happens and the class/group dynamics change anyway. IMO

Mosschops30 Fri 07-Jan-05 12:35:35

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Fri 07-Jan-05 12:48:59

If you end up in the Cardiff high catchment he'll be fine, Whitchurch High is pretty good too. Both schools have pupils coming and going because they absorb quite a lot of the University/Hospital staff kids.

Agree that you do not want to live in Pentwyn, also the big new estate at Pontprennau still hasn't had the school situation resolved. My friend lives there and they are sending their DD to St John's (private) because they were offered a place at a pretty horible school in Llanrumney.

Would love to go back home but DH is dragging me to Nottingham now!

joash Fri 07-Jan-05 12:51:39

I always moved school on an almost yearl basis when in primary and secondary/comp ... I hated it. However, when we moved here, DD2 was half way through third year in comp and DS was in juniors. I was willing to let them stay at their schools and bus/car them there every morning. They both insisted on moving to schools close to their new homes and although happy at old schools they loved the change.

We are also moving in the summer and DS is now in fourth year at comp, thus he'll be half way through GCSE's when we move. He's raring to go. Gonna miss his current school, but can't wait to move to a new one in Cornwall. I think he's more exited than we are.

Kids are often more resilient than we give them credit for and even though I personally didn't like changing schools - agree with the comment that everyone wants to be friends with the new kid.

Hope this helps.

Tortington Fri 07-Jan-05 13:00:58

we moved 300 miles from up north to the south coast and moved the kids schools obviously.

ds ( now 15) had already sarted 1st year of senior school up north.

when we moved down. he started school and i was worried about him making friends as everyone would have formed their little groups.

the catalyst for my son who was bullied by girls on our street in oldham - he was so not for fighting - was a lad from the school tried to do something nasty to his bike. my son then ended up in a barney and his school cred grew from their.

hopefully it wont come to this for your child, but i hold a firm belief that boys cope with these things better than girls - who tend to suffer more at senior school with more psychological bullying - whereas a lad can join in a game of footy.

my favourite saying is that kids are more resiliant than we give them credit for.

it may be worth speaking to the school and asking about their anti bullying policy and ask how your son can join in after school activities to get him more involved.

things will be fine, its a terribly worrying time though. i never moved schools as a kid but was horribly bullied and feared that and also feared the other end of the spectrum that any of my children will turn into bullies.

must say after the incident happened - we were phoned up by school who said that ds's behaviour that day was unacceptable. we were so astounded that he fought back - we could do nowt else than tell him not to make it a regular occurance but as he didnt start the trouble we were quite proud he stuck up for himself - and told him so
it helped that this lad was a year above him too!

doggiewalker Sun 16-Jan-05 12:41:07

Thanks for your info custardo.

Bump. For any Mners who didn't see 1st time round.

doggiewalker Sun 16-Jan-05 12:43:48

Actually, thanks to all who replied cos this dropped off the list I didn't see them.

Mosschops, I think to change your preferences you need to go into Your Member Profile and change it so that you can accept CATs.

doggiewalker Sun 16-Jan-05 16:19:18

Sorry, bumping again for the last time I promise.

Libb Sun 16-Jan-05 17:12:04

My sister and I were RAF babies and I moved for the last time when I was 12 - to be honest I can barely recall any trauma at all. Having said that, I was having an awful time at the previous school so the new one was bliss (even when the usual playground politics re-asserted themselves!).

Sorry, I realise that this post isn't saying a great deal other than your DS will probably just get on with it and make friends the same way he always has. I think it is only when we get older that we worry a bit more!

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