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feeling a bit paranoid

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huggybear Thu 06-Jan-05 16:18:39

as people are logging on and reading last nights thread i just wanted to explain that my threads have not been deleted as they were in anyway offensive/cruel/personal, they were deleted as they had references to previous post in them.

i just dont want anybody to assoiciate me (esspecially being new) with the unpleasantness last night


and JF you have my full support whatever you decide to do.

candycane Thu 06-Jan-05 18:41:51

Oh poor you; have you been worrying about this all day? Everybody who reads mumsnet knows that you wouldn't say anything nasty - just wanted to make that public for you!

lockets Thu 06-Jan-05 18:45:01

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Thu 06-Jan-05 19:03:22

HB, you're a Noddy fan. Therefore incapable of saying anything nasty hun

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