does anyone know that really long brick wall on the A35 just outside Dorchester?

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brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:08:17

What is on the other side?

Obviously a large estate,but whose?

I am very nosy?

ladytophamhatt Sun 20-Apr-08 18:10:02

I know it, its got a big gate with a deer on top hasn't it?

No, I don't know who lives there though....

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:13:11

yes that's the one

there are 3 massive gates on that stretch of road alone

I have tried to look on google earth for it.

Tommy Sun 20-Apr-08 18:13:15

just asked DH as we drive past it every time we go to his parents'. He said "It's obviously a large estate..."
so no help here grin

He's just told me to "Phone Dad - he'll know" - so my FIL knows but I can't really be bothered to phone him to ask as I'll be there for about an hour while he tells me all about it!!

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:15:09

tommy-that's the sort of stating the bleedin obvious my dh does

ladytophamhatt Sun 20-Apr-08 18:15:24

Dh just said "its an Earl or something.....ummmm...Wimbourne...ummm I dunno"

so not much help either.

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:15:43

give me your fil's number grin

Tommy Sun 20-Apr-08 18:17:43

I wouldn't inflict that on you ggirl grin

DH thought it might be Lord Cranbourne but we just looked him up and it doesn't seem to be

(obviously have nothing better to do at bathtime on the day before children go back to school hmm)

MrsBadger Sun 20-Apr-08 18:20:39

not Kingston Maurward is it?

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:21:00

Cranbourne's pad is in Cranbourne near Fordingbridge.So no not him.

Obviously someone wealthy enough not to have to open it to the public or sell to Natioanl Trust

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:21:58

No I don't think it's Kingston Maurward ,too far away from it

MrsBadger Sun 20-Apr-08 18:22:58

no joy on google earth - an OS map wpuld show it but I don't have a local one

scaryteacher Sun 20-Apr-08 18:24:13

I think it may belong to Earl Drax(?) or so MIL tells me.

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:24:14

I have an OS map somewhere,will get off my arse and find it.

burstingbug Sun 20-Apr-08 18:24:19

Def not Kingston Maurward.
I know it, can't think of it, should know it as it's in my county hmm

WendyWeber Sun 20-Apr-08 18:25:23

here - run up and down this one grin

(Or side to side, possibly)

scaryteacher Sun 20-Apr-08 18:28:37


Just googled it, he owns half South Dorset

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:28:57

wendy -thanks my OS map was new forest so useless.
Am just about to have dinner so will search later.

brimfull Sun 20-Apr-08 18:29:28

scary- how did you do that


MrsBadger Sun 20-Apr-08 18:32:16

but he's dead

burstingbug Sun 20-Apr-08 18:32:22

Charborough House

burstingbug Sun 20-Apr-08 18:40:24

Google 'stag gate' and that'll take you to a few links too.

WendyWeber Sun 20-Apr-08 19:11:38

That says it's the A31 though, not the A35 (in which case my map is useless grin)

And it seems to be Charbourgh House - why can't these people spell properly wink

WendyWeber Sun 20-Apr-08 19:14:33

That one is near Bournemouth, not Dorchester. ggirl's must be another (shorter) one?

seb1 Sun 20-Apr-08 19:15:12

Get on goggle earth and look down from on high and have a good nose.

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