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Blossomhill Wed 05-Jan-05 12:45:59

Thinking of changing to Freeview. Are there different types though as the one I saw in Woolworths for £39.99 just didn't have enough channels. Really don't know a lot about Freeview so would be grateful if any does they could tell me more

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 12:50:48

I woudlnt bother
its only a tiny bit mreo to get sky

Blossomhill Wed 05-Jan-05 12:54:00

Isn't it a one off payment though coddy instead of a monthly payment?

beachyhead Wed 05-Jan-05 12:55:47

I think its good as its just a one off payment and no monthly charge, but you only get about 10/12 channels. ITV3 and BBC3 and the kids channels CBBC and Cbbebies were the best for me and the news channel if you need up to the minute coverage. I really didn't need the sport or films on Sky so it kind of did for me...any way all in the past tense as we lost the remote when we moved, so we haven't managed to use it in the new house.....

serenity Wed 05-Jan-05 13:00:46


With Freeview there is just the one off payment. However there are more channels you can get through the box, by subscribing 7.99 to Top Up TV (which we currently do) the thing si you need to make sure that the box you buy has a card slot on it, and I think some of the cheaper digital boxes haven't.

Personally we've got freeview because we can't get Sky or cable (need expensive planning permission for dish/oversubscribed in our road) and it's fine, but we're hopefully swapping to Homechoice in the next month 'cos Freeview (even with Top Up) is just too limited.

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 13:00:53

yes nut hen In my sister experience hte kid s want other channels and ou get the top up tv and then you may as well get sky and fantatstic sky plus whicjh is almost ona par iwht the wheel in terms of inventions

JudgeFlounce Wed 05-Jan-05 15:05:55

Message deleted

EpiffanyFeast Wed 05-Jan-05 15:16:25

we got a box for xmas, I'm not big on sky movies and all that tv stuff, but it gives all the extra beed and itv channels plus 24hr news some music and some history stuff
Pretty good, you get what you pay for we paid £70 and got a Sony which self tunes
idiot proof and also you may need a new aerial

EpiffanyFeast Wed 05-Jan-05 15:16:40

a box I meant a freeview box

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