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Telly, phone and internet package. Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

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Blossomhill Wed 05-Jan-05 12:33:50

I am currently with Telewest and pay £75 per month. That is for Broadband, unlimited phonecalls and the Supreme package (which doesn't include any movies or Sport but does include all of the children's channels (except nickelodeon ).
Am I getting the best deal or should I change my provider. Any advice gratefully received

weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 05-Jan-05 12:43:03

We pay £61 from Telewest for unlimited free phone calls, cable (limited channels but enough) and one up from the cheapest broadband. Maybe you've got more channels than us? Oh, just realisd you have more children's channels than we do.

Blossomhill Wed 05-Jan-05 13:39:48


Blossomhill Wed 05-Jan-05 18:10:30

Anyone ???

MancMum Wed 05-Jan-05 18:18:05

ntl - 18 quid for basic tv packge rental and phone line, 19 quid for broadband and 15.50 for unlimited calls to land lines in UK

Gumbee Wed 05-Jan-05 21:12:46

Am with NTL and we pay £25 a month for unlimited telephone calls, day or night anytime, except for mobile numbers and premium rate. This also includes free base pack TV, approx. 30 channels. £17.99 a monhth for broadband internet - total of £42.99 which I think is very good value.

happynewessbee Wed 05-Jan-05 21:15:09

Message withdrawn

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