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candycane Tue 04-Jan-05 20:51:10

I've decided to take advice from another thread and get myself completely chilled out in the hope that my voice comes back! Can anybody recommend anywhere to have an aromatherapy massage in Birmingham? Much appreciated!

bluesky Tue 04-Jan-05 21:05:55

The Hotel du Vin, do amazing ones, and from what I can remember you don't have to be a resident.

candycane Wed 05-Jan-05 14:36:09

Ooh thanx Bluesky - are they very expensive? Anywhere else that anyone knows of?

bluesky Wed 05-Jan-05 14:56:02

The aromatherapy massage is £48 for 75 mins.

The swedish (slightly firmer massage, no smelly oils) is £40 for 60 mins.

Indian head massage £25 for 30 mins and the La Stone treatment (which I had on holiday, WOW!) is £55 for 75 mins. Tel: 0121 200 0609.

Hope that helps. They have loads and loads of different treatments, they are also on the web.

candycane Wed 05-Jan-05 21:11:45

You r a star! Thankyou! Moght try it but it sounds quite upmarket! If anybody knows anywhere a little bit cheaper it means I'd be able to have more of them! Does anybody know if places like House of Fraser do them?

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