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Does anyone here live in Malaysia?

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Aniles Tue 04-Jan-05 18:00:03


I'm thinking of applying for a teaching job in Malaysia and would really like to contact someone who already teaches there, or even someone who just lives there. I've got lots of questions regarding living in SE Asia, the schools, and applying for and actually working as a teacher there.

I think there are some poeple here who live in that area but I know that with the recent tsunami disaster this is not the best time to be asking, so I completely understasnd if people don't wish to contact me.

But if anyone thinks they might be able to help by contacting me, or putting me in touch with someone they know, I would really appreciate it.



Not sure if I'm allowed to put my email address on here?

hazlinh Wed 05-Jan-05 04:13:25

hi, am a Malaysian living in Malaysia, what queries have you got? (don't teach tho)

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