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susanmt Thu 12-Dec-02 02:11:41

On lots of websites now you see this Nochex thing. Now although I am quite the technophile these days, when it comes to financial things my limit is 'Do you take visa?'
Can anyone enlighten me? And if this is new way to shop, cn I do it too?
Thanks xxx

suedonim Thu 12-Dec-02 02:36:34

Have a look at the website, Susanmt, which explains how it works. I haven't signed up but afaics, you 'deposit' a certain amount of money with them, say, 100gbp, for which there is a fee, then they will pay it out to the payees tell them about, until the 100gbp is used up, at which point you give them more dosh. Presumably Nocehx make money from the fee they charge you and from having your money in the bank. I'm thinking of signing up as it would be useful to be able to send small amounts of money to people from abroad without fiddling with cheques and expensive airmail postage and wondering if the letter ever got there.

sb34 Fri 13-Dec-02 12:50:54

Message withdrawn

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