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What is the difference???

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SeaShells Tue 04-Jan-05 09:55:20

What is the difference between cd-r and cd+r? Wanting to copy some of my cd's to put in the car, I've used cd+r's before, can I use cd-r's for this job aswell as they seem cheaper, or are they for saving data only or something? Anyone know?

suzywong Tue 04-Jan-05 10:00:22

techy DH doesn't know, sorry. And I'm a lady so I don't clutter my pretty head with things like that

Twiglett Tue 04-Jan-05 10:03:59

ooo anyone for a cake-baking session?

suzywong Tue 04-Jan-05 10:07:17

sorry, I've got three lace vallances to iron

KeepingMum Tue 04-Jan-05 10:12:42

Apparently none, there is a difference between DVD-R and DVD+R though, haven't got a clue what it is though. Back to sweeping the front steps now.

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