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urgent computer help please!!!!

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lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 17:09:19

ds accidentally pressed the keyboard and now the whole screen has turned through 90 degrees....anyone with any knowledge of how to rectify this ...very grateful for any advice lavxxx

lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 17:15:00

anyone as neck is really hurting through turning

morningpaper Mon 03-Jan-05 17:53:46

??????? I've not heard of this

HAve you tried powering OFF the screen and ON again (just the monitor power)


lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 18:04:36

thanks yes we have but still crocked

purpleturtle Mon 03-Jan-05 18:05:27

Do you have any buttons on the bottom of your monitor? They're the ones that affect the display on ours.

purpleturtle Mon 03-Jan-05 18:08:21

Although having said that, I've just tried to rotate the display, and all I can say is your ds must be a genius!

lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 18:15:09

thanks have left a message with my mother who knows lots about computers (now screen is on it's side

morningpaper Mon 03-Jan-05 18:18:08

Are you sure your monitor isn't on it's side...

lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 18:19:13

yes I meant monitor..

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