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Jampots finally been made redundant

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jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 13:57:38

Boss rang me this morning and told me i was a luxury he couldnt afford and is paying me redundancy plus salary til end of feb

JudgeFlounce Mon 03-Jan-05 14:00:38

Message deleted

Nutcracker Mon 03-Jan-05 14:01:41

Oh no, sorry to hear this Jampot.

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 14:04:56

That's an awful start to 2005 for you hun Agree he's been very tactless

Gobbledigook Mon 03-Jan-05 14:05:48

Oh Jampots - so sorry.

He's not handled it very well either has he? Git.

SantaFio2 Mon 03-Jan-05 14:07:06

what a tosser

turquoise Mon 03-Jan-05 14:10:24

Sorry to hear that Jampots.

Yorkiegirl Mon 03-Jan-05 14:13:02

Message withdrawn

Freckle Mon 03-Jan-05 14:13:28

Weren't you sort of hoping this would happen? I agree it's a dreadful thing to experience, but at least you get redundancy and an extra month's salary whilst being able to look for another - better - job.

Is he expecting you to continue working or is he happy for you to go now? Hope it's the latter and then you won't have to put up with all the miseries who work there anymore.

jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 14:14:21

well some of you may remember that ive been expecting this for a while - he's been trying to get rid of me and get his family in. He pays me more per hour than all but 2 of his fee earners (out of 9). When he said "i hope i haven't left you in a sticky situation financially" i told him that no he hadn't as I didnt have to work anyway! couldn't help it

jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 14:15:43

Hi freckle - you're the first person i thought of as i wrote my post on here as you advised me so much in the summer/autumn. I dont have to go back at all which is great.

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 14:15:47

good for you

sunchowder Mon 03-Jan-05 14:22:53

Here Here Jampot! Good for you in telling him that then. It has been hanging over you for some time, it must have been uncomfortable. He is an idiot---we all agree. You will find a spot where you are worshipped very soon.... XO Sunchowder

sis Mon 03-Jan-05 14:53:35

As you don't need the job and your employer and his family were causing you lots of grief, I hope it is okay to say that I am pleased for you! Do you have to work until end of Feb? If your boss hasn't put anything in writing, it may be an idea to confirm the phone call in writing as he has, if I remember correctly, backtracked on his word in the past.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.

aloha Mon 03-Jan-05 14:57:23

I think it's good news. I have always come out of a bad situation with a better job and more money - and I'm sure it will be the same for you (if that's what you want). He sounds vile anyway, so I'm sure you are glad to see the back of him.

Freckle Mon 03-Jan-05 15:09:40

Great news about not having to work anymore. If you haven't done so already, I'd send a letter confirming the arrangements (did he put it in writing or tell you verbally?). Along the lines of "Dear Pratfeatures (substitute as applicable!),

Just to confirm the details of our meeting of .....

1. You have served me with redundancy notice whereby my employment with your firm will terminate on...

2. You have agreed to pay £x by way of redundancy together with my normal salary until .....


That way he can't change his mind later on.

Are you going to look for another job or just enjoy being a lady of leisure??

jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 15:15:22

Thanks Freckle sis of course for all your advice over the last 6 months or so. His wife is an employment expert and he said she will send me the formal letter along with my cheque. So now for other questions, if he is paying me til end of Feb do I still accrue "holiday" during my months notice period and is my payment tax free? The best bit is yesterday I had been employed exactly 3 years - i know its only a week extra pay but what good timing!

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 03-Jan-05 15:17:15

Bugger . Sorry about this JP, but look on the bright side, at least you're not living in fear of it being sprung on you. You can now take the money and use this next few weeks to decide on where you take your career from here. It could be the perfect excuse for you to start the course you were mulling over ?


Freckle Mon 03-Jan-05 15:48:40

This depends on your actual date of redundancy. If, e.g., he has said that your date of redundancy is 28th February, then you are effectively employed until that date and holiday/pay entitlement continues to accrue, even if you have been told not to attend the office or do any work during that time.

Redundancy pay is tax-free, but your actual salary and any holiday pay paid to you will not be. Check your employment contract regarding actual redundancy money. Statutory redundancy pay entitles you to :

1½ week's pay for each complete year of employment when the employee was between the ages of 41 and 64 inclusive

1 week's pay for each complete year of employment when the employee was between the ages of 22 and 40 inclusive

½ week's pay for each complete year of employment when the employee was between the ages of 18 and 21 inclusive.

The maximum an employer has to pay is £270 p.w., unless your contract states otherwise.

Also, if you are intending to get another job as soon as possible, you need to be careful as taking a job before your redundancy period ends can affect your right to redundancy payments. I won't go into detail here, but, if this looks like happening, let me know and I'll post the relevant information.

jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 15:52:18

well freckle he needs to give me a months notice so would that normally mean i am redunant say on 3rd Feb? or today? Can he decide?

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 15:53:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Freckle Mon 03-Jan-05 16:05:51

LOL! Presumably he's savvy enough to put the actual date in his letter to you, as it is a legal requirement. When do you expect to receive the letter?

jampots Mon 03-Jan-05 16:11:04

well knowing his wife - probably about June

seriously i hope within the next week

JudgeFlounce Mon 03-Jan-05 16:14:25

Message deleted

Freckle Mon 03-Jan-05 16:16:20

I'm fine thanks. I've been around, but using my Christmas name of FestiveFrex for the appropriate period of time. Now reverted to non-festive, but still bubbly and outgoing Freckle.

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