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Landladies of furnished places...what should I leave?

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SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:18:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:19:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JudgeFlounce Mon 03-Jan-05 12:21:22

Message deleted

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:22:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blackduck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:23:50

I'd go for one of those 'starter home' basic packs (IKEA used to do one...) it will at least give you an idea of what to supply.

JanH Mon 03-Jan-05 12:24:10

How about buying one of those IKEA basic starter sets - if they still do them? Then you can bring all your own stuff over without having to debate about it. (Though I suppose you might decide you'd rather have the new stuff!)

JanH Mon 03-Jan-05 12:24:27

snap, blackduck!

Blackduck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:24:40

Blimey JanH you pinched my braincell?

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:24:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 12:25:33

Message withdrawn

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:27:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SantaClausfrau Mon 03-Jan-05 12:28:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ladymuck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:30:28

I'm renting a furnished flat whilst our home is undergoing some renovation. We have cutlery, crockery, glasses, kettle, pots and pans, casserole dishes, utensils, bread board, tray,toaster, kettle, iron, microwave, washer/dryer, fridge freezer - could try and find a complete list, but this was fairly standard for those I looked at.

JudgeFlounce Mon 03-Jan-05 12:30:31

Message deleted

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 12:31:22

Message withdrawn

JanH Mon 03-Jan-05 12:32:05

You could trawl round the charity shops or pound shops for assorted crocks and cutlery - cheap pans too. You are supposed to provide them as it's furnished.

I've been trying to find a basic inventory but can't.

Blackduck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:32:15

Santa - try Argos - £30.....

SantaFio2 Mon 03-Jan-05 12:33:32

even bedlinen always gets me. My friend rented a fully furnished place and caught scabies from the bedlinen

ladymuck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:34:11

Deosn't it also depend on the rent? TBH £65 isn't that much when I look at the rentals prices around here, though I am in London.

JanH Mon 03-Jan-05 12:34:21

OMG fio

JanH Mon 03-Jan-05 12:34:59

£65 isn't the rent, it's the IKEA starter set!

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 12:35:44

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 03-Jan-05 12:36:11

Message withdrawn

Carla Mon 03-Jan-05 12:36:24

I always remove stuff the previous tenants have helpfully left behind ... rubber gloves, washing up liquid, dusters etc. I know they're trying to be helpful, but I would find it so tacky to arrive in a house with used things.

ladymuck Mon 03-Jan-05 12:36:45

That's my point - I'm paying over £700 a month, so as a tenant I don't think that it is too much for my landlord to fork out £65 for something that will last my tenancy and beyond! However if the rent is only £200 a month or something I can see that iut would be different.

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