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I have switched to Mozilla Firefox instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer

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gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 21:48:33

Tis vvvv good.
Apparently much safer than IE. I Googled Firefox and you can download it for free.

Am I a trendsetter?

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 21:50:10

I downloaded it a while ago but couldn't seem to get the fonts to work - pages I viewed were really 'basic' looking and hard to navigate (fonts were teeny in some places, huge in others, whatever I seemed to do to the settings), so I sacked it and came back to IE.

Gwenick Sun 02-Jan-05 21:52:04

Good move ginger - we're on Mozzilla - youre right it is more secure - and there are only a tiny % of websites I have trouble with these days.

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 21:53:21

Gwen, are your fonts all 'normal' through Mozilla? (Are they the same as if you used IE, for instance?)

Gwenick Sun 02-Jan-05 21:54:56

Yep - no problems at all

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 21:57:30

Must be some setting or other that's pearshaped on mine then. Will have a play later. Ta!

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 21:58:20

No font problems for me either hunkermunker, could it be your PC settings?
My only problem is that the scrolling is at warp factor 20 on mumsnet compared to IE.

GeorginaA Sun 02-Jan-05 22:28:25

If you like Firefox, can I also recommend Thunderbird (Mozilla's equivalent to Outlook). Has its own junk mail filters built in and is very very nice to use.

AuntyQuated Sun 02-Jan-05 22:31:07

love firefox

with IE when we ran anti-virus stuff it always found loads of threats with FF -nothing

SueW Sun 02-Jan-05 22:39:05

We use Firebox and Thunderbird too.

I occasionally find that the words on websites are in the wrong place e.g. they slip over a logo but 99% of stuff is fine and I'm delighted not to be using an MS product.

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 22:40:48


What seriously cool names.

I like the Firefox logo too [sad-geeky-smile-emoticon]

Gwenick Sun 02-Jan-05 22:43:40

Have to confess we still use Microsoft Outlook 2003 for emails - as 8 different email accounts - 6 of them being business ones coming into the same email programme the mozzila/firefox one just couldn't cope with it the same way -

joash Sun 02-Jan-05 22:47:40

Thanks for these tips - just switched to Firefox and
Thunderbird. I've been looking for something other than MS for years. Is it just me, or do they seem to work a lot quicker than MS?

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 22:50:35

How do I get my emails via outlook or Thunderbird?
ATM I log onto tiscali website and view all my email through there.

Also, does anyone know how I can stop certain programs starting everytime I switch on my 'puter?
(I know it is something to do with the bootlog but not sure how I delete the start-up commands - I know I have to be careful else I could bugger 'puter up entirely!)

GeorginaA Sun 02-Jan-05 22:58:25

Gwenick - I run 4 completely separate accounts on Thunderbird no problems - am assuming you're thinking of the integrated email thing on Firefox, not Thunderbird?

Gingerbear - you need to read the support stuff on tiscali and see if you have POP3 or IMAP access (more likely to be POP3).

Gwenick Sun 02-Jan-05 23:02:09

yeah but Gerogina - problem is that intergrated and thunderbird don't have all the 'extras' which DH needs for his business.......believe you me if it did he'd switch like a shot

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 23:06:38

I have POP3 - do I need to change settings in outloook?

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 23:07:52

Tiscali help only gives how to for outlook, not Thunderbird.

GeorginaA Sun 02-Jan-05 23:15:34

gingerbear - the information you need for outlook (POP3 address/password etc) will be the same you need for Thunderbird. If you download thunderbird it helps you set up your email accounts as you go (asking for your email address/password/etc for each account).

Dh says if you follow the outlook express instructions in Tiscali here , all the information is there. If you want a more handheld approach send me a CAT and dh says he'll be happy to talk you through setting it up if you get stuck along the way

Gwenwick - I think that when Sunbird (the calendar program for Mozilla) gets released a lot more people will go over...

RobA Sun 02-Jan-05 23:24:36

gingerbeer, Re programs starting every time you start your PC:

There are a number of different places depending on your Operating System. The easy place to check is the "Start" -> "All Programs" -> "Start Up" menu. Right click on the ones you don't want and choose "Delete" from the pop up menu.

If the program is not there, then look in its own settings section to see if there is a "load when Windows starts" option or something similar.

If that fails, it get complicated, so feel free to CAT me

RobA Sun 02-Jan-05 23:26:38

oops. For gingerbeer, read gingerbear! I'm just drink obsessed!

gingerbear Sun 02-Jan-05 23:37:07

Oh thanks GeorginaA and RobA. It is a bit late for me now, but I might CAT you tomorrow morning.
I have Windows 98 at home, not XP as I use at work.

LOL re Gingerbeer. Thanks for advice once again

WideWebWitch Mon 03-Jan-05 09:55:12

I have it too but it takes a bit of getting used to so I'm still mostly using IE and cursing whenever it crashes.

dietingdottee Mon 03-Jan-05 11:07:05

GB - I'm on Mozilla too. Dp (who is a senior web developer by trade) swears by it. And he's security obsessed when it comes to 'puters. I'll quiz him tonight and see if he can recommend anything else.

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