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looking after sick cats

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hattynewyear Sun 02-Jan-05 19:59:13

My cat is very very sick. He has a large lump and the vet says there is nothing that can be done. He hasn't moved, hasn't drank or eaten for about 36 hours now. Can't even tempt him with licking cream off my finger. What do I do? How on earth do you cope with having to make that inevitable decision? It's all happened so quick - he only really became obviously ill on Christmas Eve

misdee Sun 02-Jan-05 20:00:58

If he isnt gonna eat, then i feel the best thing to do is to let him go now before he starves himself. I feel for you, a pet becomes a member of the family, and it must be wrenching for you.

hollybet Sun 02-Jan-05 20:03:56

oh you poor love. We have two cats, (one called Hatty!!) and I know that we all will be devasted when the inevitable happens.

I had my dog put down at Christmas a good many years ago and it was awful . I think that you know in your heart when the time is right, when they are suffering and there is going to be no repreive for them.

So sorry this is happening to you {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


puddytats Sun 02-Jan-05 20:08:13

What a horrible decision for you. I have 4 cats and they are members of the family.

I had a similar decision a couple of years ago, cried all night and could not be there even tho vet gave me the choice.

I real feel for you, loads of hugs and kisses to you and hatty.


kangasantamummy Sun 02-Jan-05 20:08:47

hattynewyear sending you cyberhugs {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

Amanda3266 Sun 02-Jan-05 20:11:41

Hi there,

Sending a hug ((((((((((())))))))))))
I lost a cat on Boxing Day 6 years ago - and know how awful it is to have to make the decision. If your cat hasn't eaten or drunk for 36hours it would be the kindest decision to let him go. Speak to your vet this evening and see what he/she suggests.
So sad for you and sending best wishes and hugs


hattynewyear Sun 02-Jan-05 20:18:12

I am worried that I shuold get a second opinion. The combination of knowing that cancer can sometimes be treated and also knowing that our vet has quite strong views - disapporing of things that are done for the owner's benefit and not teh cat's just leaves me with a niggling doubt. I am not for a minute saying taht we should prolong his suffering but how can I be sure based on one man's opinion. Has anyone else felt like this?

kangasantamummy Sun 02-Jan-05 20:23:22

yes we had that feeling several years ago with our labrador. We have 2 vet practices we use.

The hertfordshire vet who we didn't know very well said it was cancer of bone

So we took her to vet in sussex who had known dog and us for years and yes it was correct BUT we are glad we got it checked out, Sussex vet put her to sleep just after christmas.

suedonim Sun 02-Jan-05 20:28:01

Hatty, we had our 15yo cat put to sleep last Tuesday. It's a horrible decision to have to make even when you know it's for the best. When you know what needs to done for your beloved pet, you have to grit your teeth and put their welfare first. You will feel bad, there's no way round that, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean it's a bad decision. You can go on loving him to the end and beyond.

hattynewyear Sun 02-Jan-05 23:18:42

all happened very quickly - dh took him to emergency vets tonight. He didn't come back. Had a good cry, but am happy (? not sure if that's quite the right way of putting it) that we've done the right thing - and that he got to see a second vet as well. Also, in the scheme of things it's good that he deteriorated so quickly - it was incredible how fast. But for the best. Can't say more or it will start me off again. thanks everyone. He was a gorgeous cat, and I do genuinely feel priveleged to have looked after him

SPARKLER1 Sun 02-Jan-05 23:21:10

<<<hugs>>>>> hatty - take care of yourself xx

kangasantamummy Mon 03-Jan-05 11:48:19



Blackduck Mon 03-Jan-05 11:53:39

hattynewyear this sounds exactly like what happened to my mog just before Xmas. She stopped eating and the vet said she had a large growth - he couldn't get a good feel of it because it was up under her ribcage - he gave her a steroid injection which did perk her up of a few days. Then one morning I got up and just knew things were worse. DP took her back and the vet said that we had two options, another injection or to have her put to sleep. There was no way she would have survived an op. We took the decision not to prolong her was heartbreaking as she was 'our' first animal....
Like you, it all happened very fast...thinking of you....

Slinky Mon 03-Jan-05 12:05:42

We had to have our cat put to sleep 3 years ago (Christmas 2001). He had developed stomach cancer and for a while wasn't suffering at all.

Then one morning came downstairs to find that he could barely move, didn't want any food/drink. At that point, I knew we had to do the kindest thing. Took him to the vets an hour later

(As an aside, I do actually agree with your vets point - the animals quality of life does have priority over the needs of the owner).

Still, it is a terrible decision to make

Slinky Mon 03-Jan-05 12:06:44

Sorry - hadn't read the whole read and just saw your latest post

Thinking of you

suedonim Mon 03-Jan-05 21:56:05

Sorry to hear your news, Hatty.

maddiemo Mon 03-Jan-05 22:39:45

Hatty I am so sorry.
When it happens quickly it is such a shock.

We had our cat put to sleep in November. He became sick on the Friday and was put to sleep on the Tuesday. Nothing had prepared me for it.

Have a good cry and know how much you loved him and remember the good life he had with your family.

hattynewyear Tue 04-Jan-05 08:17:30

thanks everyone. The house doesn't feel right at the moment. I miss him. It's reassuring to know that it's not unusual to go so quickly

Blackduck Tue 04-Jan-05 09:27:16

I know what you mean- dp describes it as a cat shaped absence.........!

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