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Can anyone tell me how to measure up for curtains??????????

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BubblesDeVere Sun 02-Jan-05 09:02:21

Could anyone please tell me how to measure up for curtains please?

I have seen some gorgeous fabric in Ikea and want to try and work out how many metres I will need, I want the curtains to go to the floor if possible.


pinkmama Sun 02-Jan-05 09:13:55

if you don't look at their rather unpleasant pictures, their instructions are good. I used them for Roman Blinds, adn they were helpful for that, so hopefully for curtains too. Good luck!

Joolstoo Sun 02-Jan-05 10:22:08

depends how full you want them - I always err on the side of having a little more than I need rather than a little less!

measure from the top of your rail to the floor at 4 ins at the top for turnover and 6 ins at the hem - I think shallow hems don't look so good - then times by how ever many lengths you need.

(sorry - I'm still in imperial!)

SofiaAmes Sun 02-Jan-05 23:56:06

Don't forget that width wise you will want to allow for enough fabric to go past the window by 4" or so. For light weight net like gathering curtains, I generally allow 3 times the amount of fabric as the width of the window. And otherwise I get around twice as much width. If it is a 100% cotton fabric that might shrink, I wash it before making the curtains.

THERESA Mon 03-Jan-05 07:05:59

Agree with SofiaAmes, am no expert but my mum has always told me the curtains need to be twice as wide as the window.

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