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Hello from Dejags

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dejags Sat 01-Jan-05 18:24:02

Hi everybody,

Finally got some sort of internet connectivity sorted out so I thought I would pop in and say hi.

We have been in South Africa for nearly two months now and loving it. The weather is fantastic, the kids are having a ball and for the most part we haven't looked back.

I have found that there is quite an antiquated way of doing things here and there is still a lot of racial inequity - but it's improving all the time. I can't do much without my husbands' approval - e.g. we have a joint bank account on which I can sign cheques, use the credit card etc, but I can't make changes to the way the account is run and they won't speak to me over the phone unless DH approves ... But on the plus side DS starts at a Private School which costs less than £900 per YEAR! and we have a housekeeper...

I have really missed the UK at Christmas time. Hope you are all well.


pixiefish Sat 01-Jan-05 18:29:01

Hia Dejags- glad to know that you're settling in. The situation with the bank account would drive me barmy but I spose you're looking at the wider picture- which is the only way to do it.

Lovely to hear from you- how did the Sarah Grace appeal go- bloody hell is it 2 months since you went already????

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 18:32:14

Hi Dejags .. glad you're settling in well

LIZS Sat 01-Jan-05 18:32:48

Hi Dejags,

Very similar attitude towards women in joint accounts, utilities etc in Switzerland. Very of your school fees though. Enjoy !

highlander Sat 01-Jan-05 18:59:04

ooh, I'm jealous of your sunshine! How did you get on moving with the baby?

Best of luck, happy 2005

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