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have you ever forged a kids htank you letter?

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codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 14:34:51

I added a name on to ds1s today as he had missed one out
wondered if parents ever forged the whole thing.

Cadbury Sat 01-Jan-05 14:36:07

Every year, but dd is only 4 and ds only 1 so they can't really do it themselves

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Sat 01-Jan-05 14:36:24

not yet but I can see it becoming a family tradition

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 16:53:09

the phoenix cards cards mean they only need to write one sentence!

LIZS Sat 01-Jan-05 16:55:38

Hi coddy, we've got the same but ds can't even seem to manage that !!

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 16:55:39

I held pen in my left hand and tried to forge DS's (4 in Feb) name on the 5th one (he'd signed the other 4 beautifully) .. unfortunately it didn't look like child's writing but an adult writing with her left hand

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 16:59:00

ds1s letter to generous god father
" dear Uncle doug,
thank you for the 50 pounds.

I am going to spend it all on sweets."


Tinker Sat 01-Jan-05 17:00:44

Not yet but forged Santa's signature and answers to the quiz that was thoughtfully left out for Santa on Christmas Eve

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 17:28:57


I forged a half-drunk glass of milk, plate with mince pie crumbs on it, half-empty bowl of water and nibbled carrot for Santa

sleepytinkerbell Mon 03-Jan-05 15:57:18

ooh i thought i was the same as everyone other, here goes, i actually write his thank you cards using my left hand so it looks like its done by my ds1 Now thats really cheating. But its just not worth the ag of pressuring him to do all his cards.

KateandtheGirls Mon 03-Jan-05 16:03:27

I write my kids' cards myself. But I have them sit next to me and I try and encourage them to think of things to say themselves. Then they sign their own names.

JulieF Mon 03-Jan-05 20:31:59

Dd is only 3 but can't write yet. I was looking for a thank you letter that she could download and print out with my help. I've looked on websotes like Cbeebeies but there is nothing. I'm not bothered about it being personalised, just something she can do herself. She has had too many presents for us to be able to make them all ourselves.

Any ideas?

codswallop Mon 03-Jan-05 20:35:56

kate I od that for ds2 who is a non writer this year too - as for next year he can do his own

codswallop Mon 03-Jan-05 20:37:20

yep here are the downloadbles

Libb Mon 03-Jan-05 20:43:28

Hey Twiglett, I do actually write with my left hand! don't want to have to get all PC heavy on you here . . . (just kidding!)

Have to admit that I have also forged Santa's feast for my ex-boyf's brother - he was 22 at the time (autistic) and refused to accept it wasn't real. I came back to the house hammered, chesed half a carrot, some mince pie, scattered some glitter and drank the brandy. Felt like poo the next morning until he burst into the room with the evidence! It made my day

Libb Mon 03-Jan-05 20:45:13

My neighbour posted a thank you letter from her son and she had dotted his name out for him and he then joined the lines - it was really sweet. I think he is about 3 years old?

codswallop Mon 03-Jan-05 20:48:37

yes I do that for 2-3 year olds too.

katzguk Mon 03-Jan-05 20:53:09

for DD this year who 2 we have printed thankyou letters on the computer with a space on the front where she has done drawings for all the family and friends who sent her parcels. i have had to write the insides, infact i have written every single thankyou letter in this household! EVER!

Furball Mon 03-Jan-05 21:39:16

I type DS's out in large childy looking print in Word and just change the 'Dear whoever' bit everytime. Ds is 3.4, so this time I drew his name letters in dots and he joined them up, spelling out his name.

Hulababy Mon 03-Jan-05 21:41:24

DD is 2y 8m so I write all of her thank yous, but this year, for her name at the bottom, I have dotted out her name for her to attempt joining up. And she does a little drawing on the reverse side too.

codswallop Mon 03-Jan-05 21:42:04

lol at hula! still counting hte months!

jellyhead Mon 03-Jan-05 21:42:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDragon Mon 03-Jan-05 21:51:15

DS1 (nearly 6) will write his own and DS2 (3.75) will sign his name at the bottom. I made them both do this for all their Christmas cards too. A prime incentive for me teaching DS2 to write his name

TheDragon Mon 03-Jan-05 21:52:05

I forged a decorated paperplate last year for DS1. It's damn difficult to make something look like it's been done by an under 5 if you have any artistic talent at all.

Hulababy Mon 03-Jan-05 21:54:59

Do you know how long it takes me every time I have to work those months out Coddy?!? Infact it must be almost 9m.

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