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Funny words that kids say

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singsong Sat 01-Jan-05 09:41:44

My nephew (3) was happily playing with his ‘gitler’ (glitter) the other day. Reminds me of when my much younger brother was about 4 and used to be scared of the ‘bepleece’ (police) and used to love cars which had 2 ‘insaust’ pipes (exhausts).

lockets Sat 01-Jan-05 09:44:15

Message withdrawn

yoyo Sat 01-Jan-05 09:56:27

My daughter loved her "awnymer" (lawnmower) and my son calls Grampa "Dampdamp".

yoyo Sat 01-Jan-05 09:57:17

And DD2 aged 6 still says helicLopter.

NewbarnsleygirlWalliams Sat 01-Jan-05 10:13:14

DD calls flowers prettys!

singsong Sun 02-Jan-05 11:26:41

How cute

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:31:29

I used to call radiators ponkers. In my defence, if you knock on them, they go ponk ponk. Honest.

SantaClausfrau Sun 02-Jan-05 13:30:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KateandtheElves Sun 02-Jan-05 13:37:55

DD2 (2y9m) goes to Fymnastics every week. And Thomas is Thomas the Train Train Train.

TwoIfBySea Sun 02-Jan-05 20:00:44

Dst (3) started a twin language before they used English and still insist on using some of their words! A helicopter is a dodo-tractor. Dodo is what they called ravens, other birds were called by their normal names, and I presume they thought the noise was like a tractor.

Anyway, that stuck. Elephants are called smelly-pants, well they are boys! Penguins are, of course, Pingus. And when I put the nativity up we had the baby Heefuss.

And they call him Thomas the Tank, Kate!

scaltygirl Sun 02-Jan-05 20:07:32

Message withdrawn

doobydoo Sun 02-Jan-05 20:13:36

Hark The Herald Angels sing..Glory to the New York King!(ds)

misdee Sun 02-Jan-05 20:14:03

dd1 sings

'josie jump is my name, dancing and sport are my GAYS, i'll always be a woman.........'

and thats all she sings.

warmmum Sun 02-Jan-05 20:14:31

Our father which art in heaven
Hallo be vi name
vi kingdom come
life will be done
on earth as it is in heaven

doobydoo Sun 02-Jan-05 20:14:33

Calls the Dubloons from his pirate treasure trest baboons!

doobydoo Sun 02-Jan-05 20:15:01


TwasTheNightBeforeCatbert Sun 02-Jan-05 20:20:38

DD1 2 1/2 went to see the "Eflelants" at the zoo the other day. Her cousin is called "Oviler" (Oliver).

When she "reads" Christmas cards, she always say "to mummy and daddy and (insert various tweenies names here, and other friends) Lovely love from Fowence" (Florence)

kinderbob Sun 02-Jan-05 20:22:33

Ds couldn't say c at the start of words for a couple of weeks, so he would ask me to draw a "irkle" (circle) and at the swimming pool he would go into an "oobicul" (cubicle).

Thomas TTE is "Tome-arse."

scaltygirl Sun 02-Jan-05 20:23:25

Message withdrawn

blossom2 Sun 02-Jan-05 20:27:00

the Eiffel tower to DD is Eiffel Towel .... and refuses to call it anything else, even though she can say tower !!

marthamoo Sun 02-Jan-05 21:13:52

Ds2 loves "Little Robots" and likes to sing along to the theme tune. Only he has trouble with the "scr" sound - so "under a pile of scrap" becomes "under a pile of crap..."

I think his best truly made up word is the one he uses for all things Star Wars - "lerder" (to rhyme with herder). This has morphed from the main theme music, you know, duddle der-der, duddle der-der, duddle der-der, duddle du-der. He started off by saying he wanted his "duddle der-der toys" and now he just says he wants his "lerder" toys!

Ds1 invented a word for when he got water in his eyes in the bath - and it sounded like "pilchard" ("Mummy, I got a pilchard in my eye") So now we all say "can you pass me a towel, I've got a pilchard in my eye."

jollymum Sun 02-Jan-05 21:43:20

Oldest boy, now 14, couldn't say grandpa, so called him POPPA It still stands for the other three! I teach music and we have a song about timing and clocks, etc. Words are:-

{swaying in time..)

GOES TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK (faster and with grin on face)

Fine, but one of the little girls (aged2) couldn't say her "L" letter and loved this song. She spent the entire journey over to Majorca singing it on the plane, to the total mortification of her mum and all other passengers and the total big fat smiley of her dad (although we think he was probably putting on a brave face!)

jenkel Sun 02-Jan-05 21:50:39

Has us in hysterics, my almost 2 1/2 year old dd says Yah, instead of Yes - a yuppy in the making

doobydoo Sun 02-Jan-05 21:55:58

hunkermunker[grin grin,grin]

doobydoo Sun 02-Jan-05 21:58:18

oh poo.I mean hunkermunker

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