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Bad Hair Day

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TinyGang Fri 31-Dec-04 15:03:24

Well, a baaad day altogether really and I seem to have done a lot of shouting at 2 dd's and ds .

Dh is at work and as were all out later to a party I wanted to get children all bathed ready. This seems to take FOREVER, but victory was in sight and they (not me I might add) were looking pretty good.

My own fault I know, but I gave dd & ds (twins 3yrs) their Christmas stamper sets to play with. Ds instantly covered himself and the surrounding area in black ink including the wall and most of his face; dd wasn't much better. This was whilst I was upstairs clearing up the mayhem of the 3 baths they'd all just had.

Sorted that little lot out, then back to the original clearing up, after which I found little dd had discovered older dd's ELC scissors and was hacking lumps out of her beautiful hair. More shouting and tears all round, plus a heated 'discussion' with dh on the phone about how rubbish I appear to be at this stay at home mummy job which is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done and I'm crap at. FGS what a day, and I'm so sorry to moan cos all this is NOTHING compared to what some of you have to cope with, or thats going on in the world just now for that matter, but AAAARRGHH!!

Anyway, (deep breaths) the question is how fast does hair grow, do you think? Dd seems to have chopped about 2 inches from the side of her bob. You can see it when you look, but it's not quite as bad as I first thought when I found her covered in loads of cut hair.

New Years Resolution: 'I am an oasis of calm' (yeah right!) twitching and giggling madly ala pink panther

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