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what time is it in australia

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connyflower Fri 31-Dec-04 13:59:47

my cousins out there and wanna call have i missed there new year or are they behind us?

KateandtheElves Fri 31-Dec-04 14:00:34

They're in front, definitely. But I don't know by how much.

DelGirl Fri 31-Dec-04 14:11:15

about 10 hours ahead I think depending on where. my sis and her family are there too but flying home tonight, cant wait to hear that they get home safely

DelGirl Fri 31-Dec-04 14:12:04

so if you ring now, you'll just be past midnight, hows that for timing

connyflower Fri 31-Dec-04 14:14:47

how good is that then right on time just text cos network must be real busy and wished her happy new year, so relieved as she was in puket just 2 weeks ago so counting our blessings with her right now! makes you realise doesnt it

Tania2 Fri 31-Dec-04 14:24:35

Its 1:25am here now.

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