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Permanent Marker on a wooden coffee table

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Discoinferno Thu 30-Dec-04 13:10:00

Does anyone have a miracle cure or will we have to sand it and revarnish. Has anyone had to do this or is it a job for the prfessionals. Its a Ducal coffee table so was expensive.

rouge Thu 30-Dec-04 13:28:45

I recently used nail polish remover on DD's wooden highchair table for this - it didn't leave a mark or remove the varnish, but then it was only a highchair table so worth the risk!

pixiefish Thu 30-Dec-04 13:59:24

i sometimes use permanent marker accidentally on my whiteboard at work and use a cleaner specifically for whiteboards- it would probably do the job don't know if you want to risk it on an expensive table though

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