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cr@p on my pc !help me remove it

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melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 11:50:42

Some website has added loads of stuff to my desktop and a search bar on my screen, Its also made its self my homepage(knocking mumsnet off ). How do I find out what it is, were it is, and remove it all ?? Im just fed up with these things taking over, its soo annoying and invasive.

Zephyrcat Thu 30-Dec-04 11:51:59

download spybo. Its free and will get rid of stuff like that. You have to be careful, with things like that people can watch everything you do on your pc. Have you got anti-virus as well?

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 11:53:45

yes have anti virus firewall etc. do i ust type in ?? what does it do exactly ?? How do you know thats ok to download IYKWIM???

MerryTissMas Thu 30-Dec-04 11:56:30

look here

MerryTissMas Thu 30-Dec-04 11:58:17

just click on download and follow the instructions. It's quite safe, I've got it on my computer. BTW, it's not compulsory to donate any money.

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 12:01:39

theres 4 ways/ places to downlaod from , how do you know which one to use !!??? for eg Zone X ?

Zephyrcat Thu 30-Dec-04 12:01:42

sorry meant spybot. It's really good.

MerryTissMas Thu 30-Dec-04 12:02:27

use any of them, it doesn't matter!

saintshar Thu 30-Dec-04 12:14:16

What anti-virus protection do you have melsybells?

Sometimes a virus can get onto your computer, and make it look as if your AV is still running fine, but it isn't really.

I have had so much crap on my computer, and have asked so many 'experts' how best to get rid of it, and this is the advice i am given.

Run panda scan on your computer (it checks for viruses etc) panda activescan

Also, put ad-aware and spybot on your computer. They both work well together. They are a similar thing, but often one finds things that the other doesn't and visa-versa. download both

Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of a search bar etc. It could be a trojan horse. If you need any more help, let me know and i will try to help. I kind of like doing it for some strange reason!!

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 12:18:55

Norton anti virus

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 12:19:06

Im soooo confused !!!

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 12:26:11

just downloading sybot , will shut down for a short while. Hope it works. Thanx everyone , may be back for some more help saintshar !!

saintshar Thu 30-Dec-04 12:39:38

To use panda, use the link i put on.
When you click on that link, there is a box with a computer running from lft to right saying 'free online virus scan' click on that.
On the next screan it says 'scan your PC' in a box, click on that.
Then another smaller screan will appear. On that there is a box that says 'next' click on that.
You then need to enter your email address in the box where it asks, then click the box that says 'next.'
It then starts to download, it t akes a few mins. It says 'click on an item to scan' on 'all my computer.' Make sure all the boxes on the right are checked, where it says 'disinfect automatically etc'
It then starts to scan your computer, and gets rid of anything it finds automatically.

Sorry if i have wrote that and you understood how to do it. Sometimes i need people to explain to me in plain English. HTH.

saintshar Thu 30-Dec-04 12:42:51

I am going out for a while now.
Let me know if you get it sorted. If not, let me know and i will check back later.
The most important things is to keep the anti-virus you have up to date.
If you have any more problems, let me know.
If there is anything you need to know, even if it sounds like a silly question, i will be happy to help.

melsybells Thu 30-Dec-04 12:47:15

will spybot got rid of 35 problem thingsy, bit now there is no right click function on the icons on the desktop, and u were right the search bat is still there GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Not sure now , shoudnt norton like panda be able to check against these thingas ?? otherwise its useless !!

winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 12:58:03

I was listening to dh talking to bloke friends about this, and apparently what you need is a "pop-up blocker" (not sure where you would get one of those). Sounds more like something for deterring randy husbands!

pixiefish Thu 30-Dec-04 14:00:40

there's a pop up blocker on my msn toolbar

JudgeFlounce Thu 30-Dec-04 14:03:11

Message deleted

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 30-Dec-04 14:50:12

I've found that Norton finds things that Panda doesn't and vice versa. So I use them both!

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 30-Dec-04 14:51:31

And definitely make sure you click "disinfect automatically" with Panda or it finds things but leaves you with them and you have to run it again with auto-disinfect on to get rid of them.

lindaUK Thu 30-Dec-04 18:14:41

Thought I would have a try at the Panda Activescan but can only get to the second stage as where it say's click next it wont work, anyone got any Idea's what to do next.

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