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Pub Quiz

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Fionn Thu 05-Dec-02 13:22:02

Bossykate, Prufrock et al, on your marks, get set...

Lyric: You keep pushing me aside but I can't break through...


1 Which Western film features the song My Darling Clementine?

2 In which novel does the heroine fall in love with Count Vronski?

3 What were the Maquis (sp?) in World War II?

4 What is the modern name for French Sudan?

5 Which foodstuff is categorised into amber, gold, dark and white?

6 What was the Fonz's first name?

7 What were Shaking Stevens' backing group called?

8 In which century was the Taj Mahal built?

9 Which Englishman (not a musician) plays drums in a band called Scarlet Division?

10 What is the most populous state capital after Washington DC (though according to dp W DC isn't a state capital)?

11 Which book is most stolen from British libraries?

Marina Thu 05-Dec-02 13:26:16

Ha! I just sent a well-timed mail to bk so that should keep her busy! And now I find I don't know many this week. Rats.

2) Anna Karenina
3) French Resistance guerilla-type activists
5) Maple syrup??
9) Jamie Oliver

leander Thu 05-Dec-02 13:33:32


XAusted Thu 05-Dec-02 13:35:32

11. Highway Code???

GillW Thu 05-Dec-02 14:08:37

Lyric - Believe (Cher)
Anagram - kaleidoscope

1 - My Darling Clementine (same as the song)?
4 - Mali
5 - rum?
7 - The Sunsets
8 - 17th?
10 - Sacremento?

bossykate Thu 05-Dec-02 14:45:31

ok, have done this without looking at what others have answered, honest! mainly guesses this week.

1. ooh this one is tormenting me - something starring James Stewart i think, but I just can't get it...
2. Anna Karenina
3. French resistance (communist)
4. Djibouti
5. Honey
6. Henry
8. 18th
10. Sacramento
11. Kama Sutra (sp?)

thanks, fionn.

prufrock Thu 05-Dec-02 14:47:42

Was going to pretend I hadn't seen it but in reality am just too thick this week

bossykate Thu 05-Dec-02 14:49:27

oh dear now i have looked i see i have got at least two wrong!

janh Thu 05-Dec-02 19:22:48

I only knew no. 3!!! The shame!

Fionn Thu 05-Dec-02 19:51:37

Janh - don't worry, I didn't know any of them! Though I did get the anagram. It was a hard quiz last night, our team did very badly. So there's no shame!

Fionn Sat 07-Dec-02 13:34:44


1 High Noon
2 Anna Karenina
3 French resistance
4 Mali
5 honey
6 Arthur
7 The Sunsets
8 17th
9 Jamie Oliver
10 Phoenix, Arizona
11 Guinness Book of Records

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