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FFS I'm not allowed to drive, need some food in, and dd1 is crying her eyes out about bus to big town/walk to little town

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Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:02:29

Full on rant/cry. Would you just put your foot down?

FlashingRudolphNose Wed 29-Dec-04 13:03:44

I would, with some heavyweight bribery thrown in.

merrymarthamoo Wed 29-Dec-04 13:04:43

Bribery. Promise her chocolate buttons or similar if she comes now. You'll both feel better for getting out of the house. Praise her to the skies for being Mummy's good girl when she co-operates. Buy yourself a treat too!

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:06:03

Promised a TOY, ffs, to no avail.

merrymarthamoo Wed 29-Dec-04 13:07:25

MacDonalds? Still no good? Then put your fixed grin face on and ignore her - get her coat on and drag her out. Sympathy and (((hugs)))

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:10:28

McD's OK for dd2, but not for dd1. Are you sure, MMM? {scared emoticon}

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 13:10:54

Give up and shop online?

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:12:59

Need it pronto, CT.

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:24:21

Can someone let me know why my 6 year old is dictating that we go on a two thirds mile walk in the rain, rather than get the bus? What have I come to?????

zebra Wed 29-Dec-04 13:24:51

Could you order a take-away?

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:28:10

zebra, I would LOVE children that ate takeaways

Starofbethlibbhem Wed 29-Dec-04 13:44:59

why can't you drive? is your partner like mine? takes monopoly of the car all the time . . .

Carla Wed 29-Dec-04 13:51:06

Star, had a bit of an accident on 17th, A&E said not to.

zebra Wed 29-Dec-04 13:52:45

LOL Carla. Mine don't want to go out in this cold weather, either. They would just about get into a car but forget walking. I know what a pain it must be.

bensmum3 Wed 29-Dec-04 21:42:22

Hi, sorry , just had to add here my 3 children have to walk/cycle everywhere, ds who's my 3rd and just 18 months was'nt too impressed with full on hailstones in a gale force wind yesterday, but he just snuggled down in the ergo and went to sleep, dd aged 10 didn't complain once, ds age 7 always asks if we can take the landrover, but never complains when we say no, keep up the walking even when you're fit to drive again, they will soon get used to it and enjoy being out.( sorry if this is not the helpful advice you are looking for )

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