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Wow! Great service from Amazon!

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Hulababy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:30:51

Can't believe that. I ordered DD a Princess book for her Leappad, a power pack for her VTech VSmile and a back pack for her Leappad. I ordered all this on Christmas Day night - yes, Christmas Day!!! Well the first two items have arrived this morning - the first postal day since then. The last item has been dispateched also and should be here tomorrow. Estimated delivery date wasn't until 31st and I didn't expect it then TBH.

Very impressed!

Yorkiegirl Wed 29-Dec-04 10:32:49

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:36:41

DD got the proper Leappad - rather than the My First type. The book it came with was just the starter pack one - aimed at 4-8 years. But some of the books you can buy are for up to % years (or about 3-5 years). They are the pre-readeing/pre-maths type of ones, or is it Leapstart range.

I got DD:

Disney Princess, Princess Stories - Pre-reading range (up to 5 years)

Disney, Lots and Lots of Honey Pots, Pre-maths range (up to 5 years)

There are others in same age group too - Bear int he Big Blue House, Tad goes shopping, Lion King, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. And the very first Phonics ones too.

Oh, and there are reduced to £4.99 in the Argos after Christmas sale too!

galaxy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:38:31

dd won one of these recently. Was thinking of saving it till next year as she's only 26 months old now. She loves computers and books though. What do you think - will it be too advanced for her now?

Hulababy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:41:52

She probably won't be able to do much of it on her own yet but to go through with her would be fine.

DD is 2y 8m and we tend to do it together and talk through the little games. Although DD has quickly figured out that you need to press Go on each page, and where to press to listen to the story in full, and the games buttons. More than her daddy has ;)

You just have to listen carefully to herar what the games involve and what to click on - which is where the help comes in.

I like it and glad BIL/SIL went for this version for her. She is enjoying using it. And it is easy to carry about and take to relativves for some activity for her when out and about.

mishiclaus Wed 29-Dec-04 10:44:56

galaxy..i bought my ds one and he is 14mths i know it is early but he knows how to switch it on and off and also that he has to press green dot tohear story...he doesnt use it alone but he loves to sit on my knee and have control of pen while listening to the story etc...i think as long as you help DD you wont have any problems...he did have the little touch baby one which he hated and did not like using at all

galaxy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:46:09

Thanks for that Hulababy. sis got her dd one of these for Christmas so may take a look at that and then make a decision. She's got so much to play with at the moment that it's probably best to keep it until later in the year.

Nutcracker Wed 29-Dec-04 12:59:37

My dd2 has one and Ds has been addicted to it since he was about 18mths old. He only likes the Bear in the big blue house book though.

He knows how to switch it on, press the green button and make it do all manner of things

Dd1 and 2 have hardley ever played with it though.

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