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DVD not in its box, what should I do?

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RudolftheredPOSEYreindeer Tue 28-Dec-04 21:47:33

After we had been raving on and on about Toy Story 2 for ages, we promised to get it for neice and nephew for Christmas. MIL even got her DVD player all set up ready (another present) so they could watch it on Christmas Day. So imagine their disappointment when they unwrapped it and found the box to be empty I bought it in Borders, it was seal-wrapped, and wasn't cheap.
Obviously I'll go back to Borders but do you think they'll believe me? And do you think I should ask for a discount or something for the huge disappointment caused?

doggiewalker Tue 28-Dec-04 21:49:21

OMG yes of course they must believe you! this happened to me once with a CD dh had bought me! Imagine my surprise when the CD was not in the box!

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