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Cambridge meet-up - NEXT WEEK !!!!

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bee Wed 04-Dec-02 14:17:10

Hi there

Remember we agreed to met up in Cambridge? Well, it looks like the date that has lasted all the various discussions is next Tuesday (10th December) so we will be at the Pizza Express by Robert Sayles in Cambridge. 12.30 sound OK?

So far there is me, Azzie, Babster and Mines. Anyone else able to join us? You'd be really really welcome !
Bring your kids if this works best for you

bee Thu 05-Dec-02 16:22:01

Is anyone else up for this? Hope so - there seemed to be loads when we did the 'where do you live thread'.

tigermoth Mon 09-Dec-02 12:53:48

Have a great time, everyone. I spent many happy hours in Robert Sayles in my youth. Hope the city centre isn't thronged, but know it will be!

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