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Tumble dryer's packed up ... opinions please!

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Carla Tue 28-Dec-04 13:36:31

It's only just over a year old, but given that we use it about 3 times a day, and will need to use it again urgently ... Would you get it repaired or get a new one? Given how much the call our/repair charge/ how long it's going to take to get the new part is? I know I'm sad ....

Carla Tue 28-Dec-04 13:43:42

PLEASE someone .. we're just about to go to JL???

ChristmasCracker Tue 28-Dec-04 13:45:46

If you can afford another one then i'd buy a new one.

Usually one you start having to have them repaired then it's just the start of the probs IMO so i'd buy new.

yuleicorn Tue 28-Dec-04 13:48:03

it depends what has happened to it Carla...
1 year old, it shouldn't really have given up the ghost so quickly... but it depends- may have been hammered (like mine!)..

There are probably some good bargains in the sales at the moment...
guess you have to weigh it all up...

all the best!

LIZS Tue 28-Dec-04 13:50:55

No extended warranty I suppose ? How much did it cost if expensvie and otherwise good make perhaps worth getting repaiered this once. Ours was only around £110 and has lasted 5 years-ish so if it is knackered we'd just replace it.

Carla Tue 28-Dec-04 14:03:45

Smelly and noisey. Zanussi. Burning smell ...

Joolstoo Tue 28-Dec-04 15:00:41

we had a Bosch one that broke - bought another (stupid) and THEN looked at the problem - there was a filter at the back of the machine that was chocker - I now have two tumble dryers - doh!

SantaGoesToTheGym Tue 28-Dec-04 15:38:26

If you can afford it, the Miele one is worth the extra, it has some sort of gizmo/programme that senses when the clothes are dry and prevents them becoming overdry. And also lots of different drying programmes. It really is brill. God, I sound like I should have paid the advertising fee

BadHair Tue 28-Dec-04 16:45:32

Don't suppose its worth buying a v. cheap one (White Knight are good for cheapies that work OK) while you get your problem looked at? If its just a small job you can get it fixed then sell on the cheap one, and if its banjaxed at least you've something to keep you going for a while.

AMerryScot Tue 28-Dec-04 17:09:02

We had to replace our dryer 6 years ago, just before leaving for the UK and turning the house over to tenants for 4 years. We bought the cheapest available from Currys at the time (Whirlpool - around £100).

It still works! It doesn't have the fancy moisture sensor settings of more expensive dryers (BTDT), but I have no complaints (it has two heat settings, and a time setting).

LIZS Tue 28-Dec-04 17:51:43

Similar to Merryscot - the one we'd bought was a cheap White Knight, used ourselves for 3 ish years then tenants. Think it does have a sensor but is vented.

doggiewalker Tue 28-Dec-04 18:21:33

Might it just need resetting? If ours isn't emptied of fluff frequently you need to pull it out and press the red button at the back. Could that be all you need to do? A year old is certainly not old.,

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