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tesco warehouse website address anyone?

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kid Mon 27-Dec-04 22:11:42

I ordered some bits from there when DD was little but I I can't find it anywhere now! Can anyone put me out of my misery and find it for me? I'm too lazy to go out to the shops!

kid Mon 27-Dec-04 22:12:07

they sell mainly clothes by the way!

merrymarthamoo Mon 27-Dec-04 22:15:01

I don't think they do it anymore. If you go to you can access all the different "warehouses" - books, audio-visual, wine, electrical etc. They used to do clothes, baby stuff, furniture and home furnishings etc. - I ordered quite a lot from them a few years back, but I don't think they do now. I don't know why - 'cos they were really good.

kid Mon 27-Dec-04 22:28:34

that would explain why I can't find it then! Mind you, DD is 6 next month so it was quite a few years ago! Shame, they were really good.

merrymarthamoo Mon 27-Dec-04 22:31:54

They were, weren't they? Ds1 is almost 8 now and I ordered a lot of toddler clothes for him so it would be about 5/6 years ago I guess. His bed came from Tesco too!

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