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Idiotic broadband telephone cost question

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Enideepmidwinter Mon 27-Dec-04 09:10:55

I have a broadband account that costs £17.99 a month, will I also pay BT for the time I am online, or as it is 'always on' will my £17.99 a month be all I pay?? (I have a separate line for my internet access)

pixiefish Mon 27-Dec-04 09:32:05

your broadband is all you pay if you are on anytime- i pay £18 per month but there are time restirctions ie 8 hours a day- don't know what will happen if i go over that.

i think you should check your phone bill enid- phone 150 check my bil then put the net on for a few hours and then 150 check my bill again hth

kid Mon 27-Dec-04 09:42:26

I have braodband which I pay £14.99 a month for and it is unlimited use. I pay cable for my phone line which is £16.50 and includes unlimited local in the evening and weekends.

You should have been told if there are any limits on the amount of time you are online by the company you have broadband with. But a phonecall with clarify it.

Gobbledigoose Mon 27-Dec-04 10:08:32

Hmm, not sure. I have BT broadband and pay £26.99 a month and I don't have any restrictions or internet bill on top of that. Can go on whenever.

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