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so... what did the grown-ups get for xmas?

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biglips Mon 27-Dec-04 00:17:37

i got a Tropaz/diamond dress ring, a long duffle coat, hair straightners and smellies, scarf and gloves and a jumper that my nin had bought me but she had forgot that im not a 12 size anymore!! - i had baba 10 wks ago... (shall i put it in the wash and then stretch it to my size!!)

KateandtheElves Mon 27-Dec-04 00:21:21

Dad bought me some Christmas pottery. Mum bought me a bag, a necklace and a framed print. SIL bought me a tennis racket (I'm about to start lessons). MIL bought me a yoga outfit. Those are the highlights. Pretty good. (I was hoping for some elastic though...)

colditzcolditzcold Mon 27-Dec-04 00:22:37

I personally was gutted when not one package, once opened, revealed any elastic.

cranberryjampot Mon 27-Dec-04 00:22:40

well i had a pair of pj's, money, vouchers, chocs, biscuits, wine, more wine, Prada perfume, earrings, 2 necklaces, a book, Bear Factory bear, and a top - apparently 2 pressies still to come (hopefully)

hoxtonturkey Mon 27-Dec-04 00:24:29

ring, necklace, bracelet, suitcase, dressing gown, books, chocs, a mirror, clothes. actually i've done really well.

JanH Mon 27-Dec-04 00:31:59

No elastic here either

I have the Live Aid DVD set, one of John Peel's unauthorised biographies (I miss him more all the time, goodness knows how his family got through Christmas), some of those pens with transparent ink, assorted chocs and soap and stuff, Maeve Binchy's latest, and £10 and a chunky Cadbury's bar from MIL. (Also a packet of kitchen rolls, a new thing-to-put-the-coals-in for the fireplace and a family calendar. We like practical presents!)

Starofbethlibbhem Mon 27-Dec-04 00:32:31

you pinched my thread idea! WWB's just made me crack up though, I wish I could boast that kind of present!

I had a bag, a computer game, a DVD I had already bought myself the day before (consider me told off!), various posh smellies and "things" from my best mate and one over grumpy DS lamenting his lack of routine for the last day or so.

BigGayDad Mon 27-Dec-04 01:01:04

I got a surprise from dds. Well sort of a surprise. Just after they had wrapped it dd1 told me...
"I've wrapped your present Daddy, but I can't tell you what it is because its a surprise. I can give you a clue though, there are two thing that are long and thin with a pointy end and you wear them round your neck to work. There's also a square thing with a round thing inside and the CD begins with Ch"
I just couldn't guess!

turquey Mon 27-Dec-04 01:17:07

A necklace from my mum otherwise all books - Tatum O Neal's biog, Jamie's Dinners, a Native American herbal. Also rather wierdly from dp, 2 Anabel Karmel type recipes and nutrition for babies - my youngest is nearly 7 !???

heavenlyghost Mon 27-Dec-04 01:50:34

I got a top from my Brother and SIL, a clock from my sister, my SIL sent me a big slab of Cadbury's Dairy Milk from England thinking we don't get Cadbury's chocolate in NZ ... derrrr!!!
Some make up from DH and a magnetic notice board for the kitchen.
Santa (ie ME) got me some yummy underwear, a new Venus razor (saddo that I am), some eyebrow wax , and a couple of CDs.
Oh ... and I got a new car

littledrummerbird Mon 27-Dec-04 03:58:29

Not very exciting around our house......placemats ad matching napkins (much needed, but hardly thrilling), bedroom slippers, leather gloves, crocheted scarf, candles, nice soaps, beaded necklace made by my sister, and a pair of wonderful old iron bootscrapers for the household doors that open onto the garden. All practical and thoughtful gifts, but not a year for surprises.

NoMoomAtTheInn Mon 27-Dec-04 07:22:25

I got a bag that is actually big enough to hold everything I need, a purse that is small enough to hold all the money I have , lovely comfy pjs, a big bag full of Clarins goodies, a decent alarm clock after ds dropped my last one in a glass of water, more smellies, a diary, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

sobernoel Mon 27-Dec-04 08:06:44

I got three books to help me set up my own business from home, a photo frame, the Bill Bailey Part troll DVD, a wall clock with antique watch faces for the numbers, tickets for 'The Producers' and the Julie Myerson book about all the people who had lived in her house. Did very well, I think.

I gave dh a set of professional magic tricks - he's spent the whole of Christmas practising them. The winter nights will just fly by in our house.

hosannainIXELsis Mon 27-Dec-04 08:22:28

From dh I got a cardy.. which was the right colour, the right size, the right length, the right style. And a scarf to go with it. I was SO suprised that he got it spot on... is that bad of me to be so skeptical usually??
I got a bizarre bracelet from our neighbour, and a calendar from my Dad, accompanied by the sentence 'i'm not sure if its this years or next years, I saw it going reaaly cheap a while ago'. Luckily its a perpetual one!
And our friends gave me some gel pens (have a stationary fetish) and a little bag with 5x 2.00 coins in. Which I was very shocked by, as we'd only got pressies for their ds not them, assuming that would be the etiquette But I was very touched, as I think thats the gift that suprised me the most!

eidsvold Mon 27-Dec-04 08:24:20

gorgeous earrings, lovely candles and bath stuff to indulge my favourite pastime now I am no longer hugely pregnant, two cd's i wanted, new purse, pasta set, wonderful 400 thread count egyptian cotton bedsheets!! cosmetics, manicure set, chocolate and sweets OH and six weeks ago a DD2 spending christmas with siblings and mum for first time in 5 years.

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Dec-04 08:28:15

I got the John Humphrys lost for words book, the Timewaster Letters, the Mr & Mrs Smith books (gorgous hotel guides, have been drooling) for UK & Europe, a fab framed print, a Thermos thing that fits coffee in it for in the car on the way to work and a car vac (I've got a new car). Love seeing what everyone else got!

whowantstobeamillionare Mon 27-Dec-04 09:03:26

a suit outfit for work, some secateurs and a Next voucher!

bakedpotatohoho Mon 27-Dec-04 11:25:01

simon hoggart book about round robins, annick goutal scent, bath stuff from l'occitane, and (to share with DH) habitat vouchers, a wok and 2nd moro cook book.
ILs present yet to come, but that'll be mauve chenille.

jac34 Mon 27-Dec-04 11:38:30

Not very much in our house, made the mistake of telling DH we would just give small gifts from the thats what we got. I got a book and a small(very small)gift box from Lush, and he got pants and socks, but had bought himself a Digital camcoder just before Christmas.

Very practical but not very exciting, a bit of a disappointment.

miggy Mon 27-Dec-04 12:03:12

from DH a kitchen aid mixer (I can be Nigella!), a weekend in venice, a lovely bridge leather handbag and matching purse (very impressed as he must have actually gone into a shop and spoken to a sales assistant). l'occitane and lush bath things and heres organised-tickets to see little britain live in 2006

galaxy Mon 27-Dec-04 12:09:34

From dh: Lots of chocolate, make-up, a new top, lovely casual bag from Monsoon, some new mugs (I broke 2 last week), bottle of Baileys, book and cd.

From ds and dd: some nice smellies from Boots

Money from MIL and Mum plus a spa travel kit from mum.

Sis and brother don't buy pressies - we agreed just to buy for the kids a few years ago

WigWamBam Mon 27-Dec-04 12:25:59

MP3 player, some Lush goodies, John Humphreys book about the English language, three new handbags and some kinky boots.

And 34 metres of elastic - but that's another thread ...

pixiefish Mon 27-Dec-04 12:28:21

dh bought me a photoprinter and a hard drive for my pc.

cherished teddies from dd (dh really)

money and bits

juniperdropofbrandy Mon 27-Dec-04 12:53:25

Dh bought me a few dvds, coat, ab trimmer(i asked for that tho ) books,silver cross necklace.
DSs bought me a guinea pig ornament that's soooo sweet and looks just like one of my gps.
Mates bought me a watch and decorative candle.
Mam bought me the most hideous old person pjs from M&S so they'll be going back.
Still have MILs and BILs to get and they go over the top so it'll be an extra xmas this afternoon when we go to pick them up

motherinfestivemood Mon 27-Dec-04 13:39:00

DP gave me a bottle of Jo Malone cologne. I was absolutely gobsmacked

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