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Can you all help me with a radical makeover please

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Dizzylizzy Sun 26-Dec-04 10:00:53

I've been feeling frumpy for a whilte now and have finally decided to get of my rump and do something about it.

I am 10 stone overweight so that is one thing that is not going to happen overnight. I have recently had my hair cut into a very modern style and highlighted and I'm very happy with it, but I am still struggling in some areas.

I want to start using make-up during the day, to give me a bit of confidence as this is something I lack greatly, but, I sweat a hell of alot, the doctors say that there is nothing wrong with this, but it can stop makeup staying on or my hair looking nice.

Also, i want to change the way I look, i always seem to be in jeans and trainers and want to go for the more smart casual look, I don't like wearing jumpers as I get very very warm.

A good friend of mine is going to wax my eyebrows and give me an intensive facial in the new year (she is a fab beautician).

I just really need some advice about clothes, accessories etc.

I did watch a programme last night called *retail therapy* and it was fab, it was a woman doing a complete makeover, she was really nice, she told the woman what did and didn't suit her etc without being insulting, she was really genuine, not at all like Trinny and Susannah who, in my opinion like to humiliate people into changing.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

soapboxingday Sun 26-Dec-04 11:44:12

Dizzylizzy hte first thing I would recommend is to get yourself onto a Lighterlife course as soon as you can! Woodpops (another mumsnetter) and I have both lost over 4 stones on this diet in a very short time and have slimmed down from size 20s to size 12's!

Woodpops has done this in around 12 weeks, its taken me more like 20 weeks - but it has made such a big difference.

It would be such a lovely present to give yourself for 2005! By this time next Christmas all your excess weight would be gone and you would be strutting your stuff in some slinky numbers!

Come and join us on the losing weight threads

Dizzylizzy Sun 26-Dec-04 15:29:37

Thanks for recommending that, I've never heard of it is it on line or do they do classes.

posyhairdresser Sun 26-Dec-04 18:29:59

Maybe ask for a free makeover at a cosmetic counter but make sure you ask an assistant whose make up you like, not one of those caked-on women!

And maybe book a personal shopper session in a big store?

Or if you can afford it book a session with a personal stylist!

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