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does anyone else spend boxing day.......

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misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 08:31:33

wondering where they are gonna put all the pressies? the dd's have been given loads this year, and i am running out of space fast. the living room is full of boxes, toys, clothes etc. And dd1 stayed at grandmas last night, and still has her presents to bring home as well. I am feeling overwhelmed and slightly guilty about how much they got. I admit we went mad this year, but dh really wanted to make a big do out of it (i think he thinks he wont be here next xmas, silly man!!)

mishiclaus Sun 26-Dec-04 08:36:07

lol me me...DS is 14mths old and was bought lots of big toys by people, i.e a sit in car, a battery powered quad (which scares him) hobby horse leapfrog trolley, bricks trolley...the list goes on and onand then dh and i went mad for little people stuff for yes our living/dining room looks like a toy shop...havent a clue where to put it and am glad i only have one child to try and put things away from.....sigh...will prob end up the same next

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 08:39:08

oh gawd, next year i'll have 3 kiddies.

dd2 is currently playing with empty boxes and wrapping paper. i didnt buy any outdoorsy large toys, but they have pram sets, dolls, dolls, board games, soft toys etc etc. plus art boxes (about 5 different ones in total). ooooooooo and an aquadraw, which us adults had more fun with last night than dd2 as she opened it and fell asleep lol!

mishiclaus Sun 26-Dec-04 08:48:15

lol we got an aqua drw for ds and dh and i were using it last night.....Ds is yet to even get round to it

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Dec-04 09:35:28

Yes, all ds's presents are on the stairs as I think we need to clear some space in his room before even attempting to cram any more in there!

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:53:06

everything is still in the living room

lazy day today.

GoodKingWestCountryLass Sun 26-Dec-04 21:55:08

Not too bad this year but neice and nephew were over yesterday so maybe I feel minamlist after they took all their crap with them

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 21:55:17

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 21:57:13

Am off to ikea on 8th jan, will get more stortage then. will also box up stuff for thwe loft and charity (again!!)

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 21:58:13

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 22:00:02

we have a balamory floor puzzle here, dd2 loves it!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 22:01:40

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 22:06:34

puzzles always go down well, but we mose most pieces by march time.

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 22:07:41

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 22:08:42

yes we have that as well. they dont fit as well after they have been chewed.

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 22:10:25

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 26-Dec-04 22:14:52


at least dd2 is getting out of that nabit now. but then we have the dog to grab pieces of puzzle off as well.

Gobbledigoose Sun 26-Dec-04 22:48:08

Me too - toys everywhere and ds3 only got a few things being 4 months old. Keep thinking what on earth will it be like as the 3 of them get older!?

So glad we are moving or else I'd be seriously stressing about where to store all this stuff.

colditzcolditzcold Sun 26-Dec-04 23:06:40

I live in an area with a lot of low income families, and I was discussing an idea with my partner last night.

We have a community centre near us that you can hire for free for 2 hours if you live on the estate, and I was thinking we could oganize a sort of toy swap, with people bringing inappropriate toy, old toys and unwanted gifts, and people could turn up, pick through it all and take what they want.

I think a lot of people would benefit, those who wish to clear out and those who have been on a tight budget (and I know how that feels). What do you all think?

blossomgoodwill Sun 26-Dec-04 23:19:28

My house looks as though it has been burgled as the kids got so much from ua and the family. It's all laying around spread all over the place as we haven't been here the last 2 days. Will have to have a serious sort out!!! Where the hell am I goign to put it all??? Should think I will end up in Ikea like Misdee looking for storage units!

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