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worrying about death

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miggy Sat 25-Dec-04 23:54:11

Sorry-xmas and all, but have just come down from DS1 (11) who was lying in bed quietly crying. When I asked him what the problem was, he said that he had been thinking and worrying about dying. I know he has worried about this in the past but couldnt understand why it was a problem tonight. He said that every xmas brought it a year nearer. Dont know what to say to help really. Tried my 2 theories 1) you just dont know anything about it (to which he replied "so whats this all for then" and 2)standard heaven stuff-that went down better.
I dont understand this obsession, we have no personal experience with bereavement.
Any ideas what to say?
Is this really odd?
Sorry again about gloom and doom at xmas but really worried

cardigansarenotjustforxmas Sun 26-Dec-04 00:03:44

Every child confronts their own mortality at some point & with varying degrees of effect. It's a good process in that the child develops statergies for dealing with the thought of the inevitable. Let him talk through his fears, discuss the life-cycle of plants, animals etc. The stress will pass as he is more able to cope with his fears.

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