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I know I'm unreasonable but....

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KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:14:42

I'm really p*ssed off at my MIL - she didn't send DD a Christmas present. I came back in November with a bag of gifts (they live 100 ish miles away) for her B'day & Christmas

I gave her her B'day present in November and the one from her aunty

When I go to the bag yesterday only gift from aunty. DD noticed and commented 'Why hasn't Grandma given me anything'

DH rang to wish her MC etc and she said well I've been ill and anyway I sent her a b'day present

DD is 7

What sort of Grandma would do this

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:16:43

Is she perhaps short of money and couldn't afford two presents close together?

cranberryjampot Sat 25-Dec-04 21:18:46

Gosh poor dd Katie. I know its just the thought but her own g/ma not bothering and worse, her g/ma's reasoning is a bit strange to say the least

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:20:16

And I don't think its unreasonable of you, it must be really horrid to see your little girl hurt like that, they don't understand

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:23:58

unfortunatley my mum bought loads and loads, if i'd realised I would have bought something and said it was from MIL - but it was too late....I wish I'd looked in the bag before giving it to her...she got far too many presents but really focused on the absence of that one

MIL is not well off like my parents but she managed to send to the other children (and she spoke to 3 of her cousins who all told her what they got)

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:24:56

I mean dd spoke to her cousins who said what G'ma bought them

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:28:54

thats really odd then. Why would she miss one out? If she didn't have much money and only had say £20 to spend, why didn't she spend £5 on each of the four?
Have you said anything that might have made her not buy one on purpose? Sorry, I don't mean to sound like I am saying its your fault, but maybe you said something like your mum buys lots, and she has got all offended? Its just I have a friend who gets everso offended by things, that noone else would have even thought to be offensive, if that makes any sense
But still, even if its that, its really mean

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 21:32:46

Yep - I wondered if I had offended her...but unless I'm told I can't apologise....

Who knows.....?

Poor DD

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:38:31

Well, if you have, you won't have done it on purpose will you? And she is being silly not to just tell you if you said something that hurt her feelings, and really mean to take it out on your little girl - its not her fault is it?
Perhaps you should just forget it and see if anything else happens?
Anyway, you are going on a lovely holiday tomorrow so don't give it any more thought, just get ready to enjoy yourself

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 22:37:24

Tillykins - are you always this nice and reasonable? Or is it Christmas Booze

OK I'll forget it for now and enjoy my holiday....that won't be hard will it?

Thanks for listening

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 22:43:20

Goodness, no, sometimes I am really shouty and mean! GRRRRRR
But its christmas day, so peace and goodwill to all men and mother in laws, (but only today, for tomorrow we make them suffer again )

You have a wonderful holiday, think of all of us in cold, icy, rainy England, with our hats and scarves on whilst you lay on the beach
Have a lovely time

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 22:46:58


I might phone MIL from the beach - just to see how she is (as she's been poorly)

KangaSantaMummy Sat 25-Dec-04 22:58:46

KMc I think that is really mean

She could have got DD a book or some felt tips but nothing

Where are you going on holiday?

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 23:03:02

Maderia.......but it's only going to be 17C not very warm

KangaSantaMummy Sat 25-Dec-04 23:08:05

have a good time

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 23:10:22

I will - a whole wek off - no-one elses children...I can see me collecting them at the beach and organising games & activities

And I don't loose too much income

KangaSantaMummy Sat 25-Dec-04 23:15:33

KatieMaChristmas Sat 25-Dec-04 23:19:19

See Ya

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