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unbelievable ebay item for sale...

(9 Posts)
HelloMama Sat 25-Dec-04 11:36:39


anorak Sat 25-Dec-04 11:48:21

Hellomama, that's so so wrong and yet so so funny! I just hope no one uses it for anything other than a joke!

biglips Sat 25-Dec-04 12:08:19

hee hee hee !

juniperdropofbrandy Sat 25-Dec-04 17:19:11

I've seen it all now

Minstrel Sat 25-Dec-04 18:08:37

Hey, they could give it to Zoe in Eastenders....

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:43:11


Furball Sat 25-Dec-04 21:48:45

+ £5 postage!!

colditzcolditzcold Sat 25-Dec-04 21:52:23

Oh, if I had only thought of that when I was pregnant! I could have made a bloody fortune!!!

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 21:56:27

But yuck - I wouldn't want to touch it

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