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My kids are definately getting older!!!

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dingdotteemerrilyonhigh Sat 25-Dec-04 09:13:29

So here I am on Christmas morning having to watch a WWE dvd - whatever happened to Mickey Mouse? DD is still in bed, but enjoying the pressies I've taken up to her. She's SN and I've learned through experience to hand her the presents in moderation. She's lying sprawled out listening to Now59 on her new CD player.

DP is just getting up. I'm on MN instead of getting the grub ready. We're just having a finger buffet instead of the Xmas dinner. We're not a conventional family.

Happy Christmas to all Mners and wishing you all a fantastic 2005! xxx

JJ Sat 25-Dec-04 09:36:52

Merry Christmas dottee! Sounds idyllic... we're doing a full dinner, but just for the 4 of us, so it's very low key.

Haven't opened any presents here as my son hasn't woken up (doesn't understand Christmas yet!).

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