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Sister knocked over last night :(

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Peckarollover Sat 25-Dec-04 08:54:36

Merry xmas eveyrone Im afraid mine isnt too merry - got a call to go to hospital at 1am this morning as my sister had been knocked down by a car.

She isnt in great shape but not critical or anything thank god

Please send healing vibes!

Thank you - what a horrible shock, never want to go through that again

Slink Sat 25-Dec-04 08:57:31

You have healing vibes from me poor you and your sister, lets hope for a speddy recovery xxxxx

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Dec-04 08:59:37

Poor you Pecka, hope she's ok soon.

hercyulelog Sat 25-Dec-04 09:00:27

Sorry to hear that pr. Vibes sent to you both.

sobernoel Sat 25-Dec-04 09:02:21

What a nightmare Hope she's recovering quickly. Did the person who knocked her down stop?

dingdotteemerrilyonhigh Sat 25-Dec-04 09:05:49

Oh so sorry to hear about your sister. I'm sending her good get well soon vibes.

Best wishes to all you family. Hope she recovers soon and you all have a more peaceful Christmas.

Kittypickle Sat 25-Dec-04 09:08:24

I'm so sorry to hear that I hope she makes a very fast recovery and that you still get to enjoy some of Christmas day with the children.

Peckarollover Sat 25-Dec-04 09:18:25

Im about to go up to the hospital to see how things are - I left at 6am to see the kids open pressies.
The main injury is her leg - very badly damaged and at risk of losing it but thats the worst case - she needs an op on it and we should hopefully know after that

the rest of her injuries look worse than they are thank god - she is a bit bashed up aruond the face and sore and bruised everywhere- also a quisetion mark over her kidneys but im just SO SO Grateful she is still here

when i was on my way to hospital i thought i was going to have to identify her

JJ Sat 25-Dec-04 09:37:33

Thinking of you both, Peckarollover.

cranberryjampot Sat 25-Dec-04 09:50:05

OMG Peckarollover - what shocking news. Sorry your xmas has had a bad start but thank god she is ok. Am sending healing vibes too xx

sallyhollyberry Sat 25-Dec-04 09:54:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixiefish Sat 25-Dec-04 10:26:34

Hope she recovers soon

Gobbledigoose Sat 25-Dec-04 10:54:08

Oh, how awful - big hugs to her - hope she gets better soon.


pantomimEDAMe Sat 25-Dec-04 12:27:19

Healing vibes heading in your direction Pecka. Hope she's doing well.
Nasty co-incidence, my sister crashed her car on a dual carriageway day before yesterday but luckily she, her bump and the driver of the other car are all OK, just shaken. Luckily the child car seat in the other vehicle was empty because it was thrown across the car - will make very sure we check ours before we go anywhere over Christmas.

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Sat 25-Dec-04 12:40:52

oh dear, poor your sister, hope she heals soon

biglips Sat 25-Dec-04 13:20:45

pecka - im sending the good {{{{vibes}}}} to your sister. ill be thinking of you

maddiemo Sat 25-Dec-04 13:57:52

Hope she recovers quickly.

Peckarollover Sat 25-Dec-04 14:21:21

Thankyou for all of your messages - im going to print thread out and take it up for her might comfort her that her sisters "internet friends" are thinking about her.

Just got back from hospital - she has had CAT scan on her knee and that was good news - the blood supply is good so hopefully puts the threat of losing the leg to rest. She is now waiting for a reconstructive surgeon to come and talk to her about the operation. She has had x ray on her shoulder and were waiting for the results of that - apart from that she is doing ok - her face doesnt look good because of all the cuts but they are all pretty superficial and mainly graze so should heal well.

Off to pick DD up then drop her at her Dads then back to hospital tonight! We've cancelled christmas and going to do it all when she is better and home from hospital

StuffTheMagicTurkey Sat 25-Dec-04 14:23:41

Hope your sister recovers soon xx.

maomao Sat 25-Dec-04 14:39:06

Hugs to you and your sister. Thank goodness you are there to be with her! xxx

juniperdropofbrandy Sat 25-Dec-04 16:14:58

So sorry to hear this pr Glad to hear she may keep her leg though.

Was it a hit and run or did he/she stop?

Sending (((hugs))) to your sister xxxx

Hulababy Sat 25-Dec-04 18:25:01

So sorry Take care and I hope she is better soon.

tillykins Sat 25-Dec-04 19:38:00

I'm so sorry this has happened to your family Peccarollover and I hope your sister makes a full and fast recovery
Do you know how it happened?

Peckarollover Sat 25-Dec-04 20:41:22

Back from the hospital again - she has also broken her shoulder and still waiting to see surgeon about operation he wasnt contactble today understandably.

The doctor said its a very rare injury and he has never seen it before so they are a bit flummoxed as to how to deal with it - hopefully the guy tomorrow will know more as he is meant to be expert in the field.

Know a bit more about what happened as our friend who was with her, saw everything and rang the ambulance came to visit tonight.

A crowd of 10 or so of them crossed the road and francesca and a friend were the last to cross. Rachel my sister had just got her foot on the pavement when she heard the screech and the bang she turned round and can remember seeing them both on the windscreen then thrown into the air. The lad landed next to the car but my sister was flung up and landing on the traffic island on the other side of the road filling up even writing this its haunting me how horrific it was and how so lucky she is - IM SO THANKFUL SHE IS ALIVE.

Peckarollover Sat 25-Dec-04 20:42:35

oops that made no sense - rachel my friend just got on the pavement

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